38 Cricut Paper Projects for Everyone

One of the qualities that I love about my Cricut is that it can cut paper and cardstock, which means you can make some pretty neat crafts. Whether you have a Cricut Joy, Explore Air, Maker or any other similar type cutting machine, you can make intricate designs and projects using just cardstock. And today I’m going to share with you tips for using cardstock and 38 Cricut paper projects that anyone can make.

cricut paper projects, paper craft ideas

Cricut Paper Projects + Free SVG Files

Here are 38 of my favorite Cricut paper projects that are all free to make! Just click on the link to learn how to make the paper craft with your Cricut.

Paper Strawberry Treat Boxes

strawberry paper box, strawberry svg free, cricut paper craft

Add a small treat or gift inside each of these strawberries for a fun surprise! These mini strawberry boxes are adorable by themselves or fill up the container for a fun surprise. You’ll also love using these as party favors or gifts for large groups. View the tutorial here!

Money Pull Cake Box

paper cake box template, money pull box, cricut birthday gift ideas, cricut paper projects

For a fun birthday surprise, make this birthday cake box with your Cricut! Just pull the Happy Birthday for a fun surprise! Or use the larger size box to wrap birthday presents in. View the tutorial here!

3D Butterfly Cricut Paper Craft

monarch butterfly svg, free layered butterfly svg, cricut butterfly wall decor, cricut paper craft

Paper butterflies are so easy to make with your Cricut. They are great to use for wall decor or to embellish other paper projects like cards or gift bags. View the tutorial here!

Paper Craft Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar SVG, Cricut Christmas Ideas, cricut paper projects

This paper Advent Calendar is so detailed and intricate that you won’t believe it was made with a Cricut! Fill this calendar with fun gifts and treats for a fun holiday season. And the best part is, you can use this year after year. View the tutorial here!

Cricut Paper Banner

DIY birthday banner Cricut, banner SVG free, cricut paper projects

Banners are a great way to add a background for photos or decorate for holidays and occasions. View the tutorial here!

Cricut Paper Projects – Treat Boxes for Valentine’s Day

box svg, gnome svg, owl svg, frog svg, cricut paper projects

Valentine’s Day is a great time to give treats to teachers, friends, classmates, etc! And you can easily do this using your Cricut by making adorable Valentine character treat boxes to fill with your favorite treats. View the tutorial here!

Explosion Box

cricut graduation gift ideas, graduation svg free, cricut paper projects

An explosion box is so fun to put together, but even more fun to give. They can be completely customized to fit whatever holiday or theme you’re going for. View the tutorial here.

Gift Boxes

Gift Box Templates

If you don’t have a gift box on hand, then you can quickly make one with your Cricut! Using your Cricut, you’re able to customize the size of the box that you need so you never have to use the wrong size box again. View the tutorial here.

Interactive Camera Shutter Card

shutter card svg, card svg, cricut photo card, cricut paper craft

Did you know that you can make interactive paper crafts with your Cricut? This camera shutter card opens and closes using the camera shutter to reveal a picture! View the tutorial here.

Larger Than Mat Photo Booth Props

larger than mat cricut, photo booth SVG, Christmas SVG, cricut paper projects

Add some excitement to your holiday party with these extra-large photo booth props! View the tutorial here!

Beer Mug Gift Card Holder

beer mug gift card holder, gift card holder svg, cricut paper projects

Giving gift cards is a lot more fun when you make a custom gift card holder. Add Happy Father’s Day (or any other phrase) to your beer mug or leave it blank making this gift card holder perfect for any holiday or occasion. View the tutorial here!

Cricut Paper Projects – Pop-Up Cards

cricut birthday pop up card, cricut paper projects

Did you know that you can make pop-up cards with your Cricut? Ready to learn how? View the tutorial here!

Paper Lanterns

Cricut Lantern Template, Lantern SVG, cricut paper crafts

These paper lanterns will add the perfect spooky touch to your Halloween party. View the tutorial here.

Gift Card Holders

DIY Gift Card Holder Template, cricut paper projects

This gift card holder is so fun to make with patterned paper and can be customized for any holiday or occasion. View the tutorial here!

DIY Money Balloon Gift Idea

money balloon, cricut birthday gift ideas

Use your Cricut to create a container to make a money balloon train! When you untie the ribbon, the balloon floats up with money (or gift cards) attached to the string. This money balloon project is great for birthdays, showers, graduations and more! Learn how here!

Floating Candles

Halloween Cricut Ideas, Harry Potter Floating Candles, Halloween Floating Candles, cricut paper projects

These floating candles will add the perfect spooky decor for your Holiday party. Or if you’re planning a Harry Potter party, use white cardstock to replicate the floating candle scene. View the tutorial here.

Pop-Up Flower Card

cricut pop up flower card, flower pop up card svg, cricut paper projects

This pop-up flower bouquet is a fun Cricut project idea. Make this for teacher appreciation week, Mother’s Day, as a thank you card or more! View the tutorial here.

Cricut Paper Projects – Birthday Cards

Cricut Birthday Cards for Kids, cricut paper projects

You can quickly and easily make a birthday card with your Cricut. Whether it’s for a kid, adult or milestone birthday, you’ll find multiple free SVG templates available. View the tutorial here.

New Year’s Eve Glasses

New Year's Eve Glasses SVG, Cricut New Years Ideas, New Year SVG Free, cricut paper crafts

These paper glasses are perfect for ringing in the New Year! You’ll be picture perfect and your guests will love these. View the tutorial here.

Milk Carton Boxes

milk carton favor box template, cricut favor boxes, box svg, cricut paper projects

When you have a small gift for team sports or students, these milk carton boxes will be perfect to put them in. View the tutorial here.

Halloween Lollipop Holders

lollipop holder svg, Halloween lollipop holder, Cricut Halloween Ideas, cricut paper crafts

These lollipop holders are a big hit for Halloween! They’re perfect for handing out to the classroom or to give your friends something fun for Halloween. View the tutorial here.

Butterfly Gift Card Holder

flying butterfly svg, gift card holder svg, cricut butterfly template

This butterfly gift card holder is perfect to put together last minute because it’s super easy to cut and assemble. View tutorial here.

Gift Tags

Christmas gift tags SVG Free

You can make gift tags for any occasion with your Cricut. But if you want to make these fun Christmas gift tags, then you can view the tutorial here.

Easter Candy Holders

Easter Candy Holder SVG, Easter Cricut Ideas, Candy Holder SVG, Easter SVG Free

Candy holders are a fun and creative gift to give. Pull the lever and the back opens to get the treat out and then close it back up when it’s done. View the tutorial here.

Popcorn Box

popcorn box SVG, treat box SVG, free svg box templates

Make these mini popcorn boxes for your next movie night! You can design them with the traditional stripes or add your own theme to them. View the tutorial here.

Cake Toppers

How to Make Cake Toppers with a Cricut

All you need is cardstock and a lollipop stick to make custom cake toppers with your Cricut. This is a perfect way to add a little party decor for any occasion. View the tutorial here.

Christmas Candy Holders

Christmas Candy Holder SVG, Cricut Candy Holder

These Christmas candy holders are a big hit with teachers and students for a holiday treat. Or make these for friends or co-workers and they also go great in stockings. View the tutorial here.

Paper Flowers

Free Poinsettia SVG Paper Flower

Paper flowers are another great paper craft to make with your Cricut. And these poinsettias are great for Christmastime. View the tutorial here.

Photo Booth Props

New Years Cricut Ideas, Happy New Year SVG

Add more fun to your New Year’s celebration (or any celebration) with photo booth props! View the tutorial here.

Shaker Cards

cricut shaker card, mothers day card svg

Get creative with your Cricut by making shaker cards! These may look fancy, but they are quick and easy to put together. View the tutorial here.

Cricut Paper Projects – Valentine Cards

cricut crayon cards, valentine svg

You can use your Cricut to make fun Valentine crafts for the classroom. These crayon Valentine cards are perfect for pre-school and early elementary ages, especially when candy isn’t allowed! View the tutorial here.

Kiss Party Favors

Cricut New Year Party Favors, New Years SVG

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party, then make these cute kiss party favors! It only takes a few minutes to put a bunch of these together. View the tutorial here.

Paper Heart Box for Party Favors

Cricut Heart Box, Box SVG

For wedding or baby showers, try making these heart boxes to put party favors inside. These boxes are so simple to put together, you don’t even need any glue! View the tutorial here.

Cricut Paper Crafts – Money Holder Gifts

money holder svg, cricut money holders

Giving money has never been more fun than with these Cricut paper money holders! View the tutorial here.

Anniversary Cards

Anniversary SVG

Make your spouse a special card for your Anniversary. Whether you want to make a simple card or a fun pop-up card, you’ll be able to do both using your Cricut! View the tutorial here.

Popcorn Gift Card Holder

popcorn gift card holder, gift card holder svg

This popcorn gift card holder was made for giving movie gift cards. So the next time you have a movie gift card to give, make sure to pair it with this popcorn gift card holder. View the tutorial here.


Cricut Envelope Template

You can also make envelopes with your Cricut to go with all the fun cards that you make. Use your Cricut pens to address them for you. View the tutorial here.

Easter Egg Holders

Egg Holder SVG Free

These Easter Egg holders are a big hit! You can make these in different sizes so you can fit cadbury eggs or regular plastic Easter eggs. View the tutorial here.