Milk Carton Favor Box Template

If you’re looking for a fun box to make with your Cricut or Silhouette, then grab this milk carton favor box template. You’re going to love how easily you can customize the size, to fit both smaller and larger items! And this template works best with lighter paper so you can use all the fun scrapbook patterned paper.

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Milk Carton Favor Boxes

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to make these milk carton favor boxes with your Cricut. Learn how to customize the sizes and personalize the gift tags.

You will download 2 different sizes for the milk carton favor box template. You will be able to make the small template using letter size (8.5″x11″) paper. For the larger template, you will need 12″x12″ paper. The difference in the 2 templates is the height of the box. So, the small file will be the shorter size.

paper box template, milk box svg, cricut box

Supplies Needed:

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To make milk carton favor boxes with your Cricut, you will need:

Milk Carton Favor Box Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make these milk carton favor boxes here:

YouTube video

Create a new project in Cricut Design Space and then upload the milk carton favor box template and add it to your canvas. Click on your template and then select “ungroup” to ungroup your layers.

Note: You won’t be able to modify the milk carton favor box template if you don’t first ungroup your layers!

Add Score Lines

You will need to modify the lines on top of the box templates, so they are score lines. To do this, select the group of lines (they are all grouped together) and then change the option from “cut” to “score”.

Then select the group that has the layer of lines that are now score lines and the box layer under it and attach these. Repeat this for both box template pieces.

Note: If you do not have a scoring tool, then delete these lines. However, I highly recommend using either a scoring stylus (for Cricut Explore) or a scoring wheel (for Cricut Maker). This will make the boxes much easier to assemble.

How to Write on the Gift Tag

To personalize the gift tag, first ungroup the gift tag layers. To do this, click on the gift tag and then click “ungroup”.

Select the text tool and type out what you want to write on the tag. You’ll need to keep this short and sweet. I like to create a new text layer for each line of my text so I can control the spacing better.

Click on your text and change the text to a writing font. You can click on the filter to filter for just writing fonts. You do have to have Cricut Access or pay for most writing fonts in Cricut Designs Space. Or you can use one of my favorite free writing fonts which is what I am using. Make sure to change the operation to “pen” if it isn’t already on pen.

Resize and place your text on the gift tag where you want it to go. Click your pen layers and your top tag layer together and select “attach” to attach them together.

Resizing the Milk Carton Favor Box Template

To resize the milk carton favor box template, select ALL of your layers together. Then, use the corner box to resize smaller. The templates can be sized smaller but cannot go any larger.

Cutting Your Project

When it comes to cutting your project, you’re just going to follow the prompts in Cricut Design Space so you know when to add your pen and when to add your scoring tool.

But before you cut your milk boxes, check your mat preview and make sure everything looks correct. The pen/text should be exactly where you want it to write on your tag and the score lines should be lined up on top of the template. If anything is not in the correct spot, then you need to go back and attach it.

Cutting on thinner paper (like patterned paper) can be more delicate. So, it’s important that you are using a clean mat and newer blade. Any debris on your mat can cause the scoring tool or blade to tear your paper.

You’ll also want to place your paper patterned side down on your mat. This way the scoring tool won’t scrape off any of your design.

Assembling the Milk Carton Boxes

Start by folding on all of your score lines. For most of the score lines, you’ll want to place the paper with the pattern size down and fold up this way. But, for the diagonal lines and the small horizontal line above them, you’ll need to flip the paper over and fold them the opposite way.

Note: Make sure to get a really good fold on the score lines, especially on the diagonal lines. This will make closing the milk carton boxes super easy.

Then attach the 2 templates together by gluing the tab pieces to hold them together. Glue the tab pieces on the inside so you don’t see them on the outside of the box.

glue the milk box templates together

Then glue the other tab pieces to close the box. Make sure to glue the tab pieces on the inside and that everything is lined up.

glue the box shut using the tab pieces

Fold 2 of the bottom tabs in and then glue the other 2 on top. It doesn’t matter which tab pieces you push down, as long as they are across from each other. Press down on the inside of your box for the glue to attach.

glue the tab pieces of the box to close the box

Flip the box so it’s sitting on the bottom and press the folded pieces inward like closing a milk carton. Fold the flap over and line up the holes. Use your string to keep the box closed. Make sure to add your gift tag to your string before you tie it.

And don’t forget to add your goodies to the box before closing it!

cricut milk box, box svg, milk carton favor box template

If you love using patterned paper for projects, then you will love this milk carton box! It’s great for gifts or party favors. And if you have a child in a sport or activity where they do a big/little sister/brother program, this template will come in handy for the little gifts they give throughout the year.

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