What Cricut Accessories Do You REALLY Need?


If you just got a new Cricut Machine, or are planning to get one, and are wondering what Cricut accessories you truly need. This guide will show you the must-have Cricut supplies and how to use them.

If you don’t already have your Cricut Machine, find the Cricut Machine that is right for you.

There are very few supplies you need to get started with. Your Cricut Machine already comes with a cutting mat, blade and Design Space which is all you need to get started. But if you plan on creating vinyl projects or other fun designs with your Cricut machine, there are some supplies you’ll want to go ahead and get. Just click on the blue links to take you directly to the product.

Must-Have Cricut Accessories

Cricut Tool Set


This Cricut Tool Set is very useful and one of the first cricut accessories you will want to pick up. The tool set includes a weeder, tweezers, scissors, scraper and spatula. The weeder is a must if you plan to do any weeding with script font or intricate designs.

You might also want to get one of these XL scrapers. The scraper that comes in the tool set is great for smaller projects, but the XL scraper is so much faster and more effective for larger projects.

Scoring Stylus


This Scoring Stylus is a must if you want to make cards, boxes or anything else that requires folding. Your Cricut Machine can hold both a blade and scoring stylus at the same time – so you can cut and score at the same time! This makes creating cards, boxes, gift card holders and more a breeze!

Cricut Explore Blades


The Cricut Explore comes with this sharp carbide fine-point blade which is great for cutting vinyl, papers and card stock. This can easily be replaced if the blade ever dulls.

If you plan to cut thicker materials like thin wood and leather, you will need to get this Deep Cut Blade with the housing. Once you have the housing, you can continue to buy just these blades without the housing for replacements.

Finally, in the Cricut Explore series there is this Bonded Fabric Blade which is used for bonded fabric or fabric with an iron on.

Cricut Maker Blades

The Cricut Maker has several additional blades that are not compatible with the Cricut Explore series. Depending on the projects you plan to do, you might also want to grab a few of the extra blades for the Cricut Maker.

  • Knife BladeCreate puzzles, models, leather goods, toys, and more
  • Scoring WheelCreates extra-deep score lines for perfect folds and a flawless finish on both thick and thin materials
  • Rotary BladeCuts soft, flexible materials, such as Silk, denim, Cotton, burlap, and canvas
  • Debossing TipDebossing any design you want, including decorative patterns, monograms, logos, seals, etc.
  • Wavy Tool – Quickly creates a fun wavy edge on a variety of popular materials
  • Engraving TipEngrave unique and permanent designs on a variety of materials
  • Perforation Blade – Create perfect tear-offs and easy peel-aways using cardstock, paper and more

Cutting Mats


In most Cricut Explore boxes, you’ll also get either a 12×12 green StandardGrip cutting mat or 12×12 blue LightGrip cutting mat. As far as cricut accessories goes, cutting mats are a must have! You can’t cut your vinyl without one. You can use either of these mats for most cutting projects. But there are times that you may want a different mat. Here is a breakdown of how to use each cutting mat:

  • StandardGrip (green) – Use to cut heavy cardstock, iron-on, vinyl, and more
  • LightGrip (blue) – Use with standard paper, light cardstock, vellum, and more
  • StrongGrip (purple) – Use with specialty cardstock, matboard, and backed fabric
  • FabricGrip (pink) – Use to cut most fabrics with Rotary Blade or Bonded-Fabric Blade

If you are cutting larger projects, Cricut also has these 12×24 mats in each grip.

Cricut Pens


These Cricut pens are an amazing accessory for your Cricut Machine! If you are like me and have messy handwriting, the cricut pen feature is great for addressing cards and letters. And saves a lot of time if you have a lot of cards to send out. You can also create your own Cricut projects using designs created by your own kids using pens. It’s a great way to really personalize your projects.

Cricut Brayer

Cricut Brayer

This Cricut Brayer is a really handy accessory to keep on hand. This is going to give you a lot more life out of your cutting mats. You may not need to use this at first with a brand-new mat, but as your mats wear, this will save you from the headache of your paper or vinyl slipping out of place. Just roll this over your paper or vinyl to make sure it’s attached well before cutting.

Baby Wipes

Speaking of getting a lot more life out of your cutting mats… keeping them clean is a must! The best way I have found to clean my mats is with baby wipes. It takes away the residue from your vinyl or paper without taking away the stickiness. Any brand will do.

Lint Roller

lint roller

Before adhering vinyl to any material, it’s always a good idea to lint roll it first. Typically, there are a lot of fibers or lint on material, even if you can’t see it. You’ll want to remove those to get the best application possible. If you have animals, a lint roller is an absolute MUST! You can grab this pack of lint rollers here.

Vinyl, Cardstock & Other Materials to Cut

Depending on whether you have the Cricut Explore or the Cricut Maker, you can cut from 100 – 300 different types of materials! Typically, you will probably pick up your materials as you need them. But it’s a good idea to have cardstock and different types of vinyl on hand.


To learn more about the different types of vinyl and how to use them, I recommend reading my post on the best types of vinyl for your Cricut machine. This also gives a breakdown of my favorite brands and variety packs that I love to keep on hand.


When it comes to cardstock, I like to keep a variety of basic colors on hand and then pick up fun prints from my local Hobby Lobby for seasonal or specific occasions. You can purchase cardstock by the sheet at hobby stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby when creating something very specific that you don’t need a lot of paper for.

Colored Cardstock

This is my favorite variety pack of colors. This is a great weight cardstock and perfect for making boxes, cards, gift card holders, photo booth props, banners and various other paper projects.

I also like to keep this pack of glitter cardstock on hand. Once you start making glitter cardstock projects, you will be hooked! They look incredible and this paper can be used on all the same projects as regular cardstock.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cardstock of all time is this white glitter cardstock. You can print on it, but it also is amazing with every type of cardstock project. This can be hard to find since it is so awesome, so I will list my 2 favorite brands of this in case one is out of stock. You can go with either this diamond print white glitter cardstock or this Printworks white glitter cardstock. If you do find either of these glitter cardstocks in stock, STOCK UP!! I promise, you will LOVE it!

Cricut Blanks

You will also need blanks for your cricut projects. These are items such as shirts, tumblers, hats, aprons, bows, etc. that you would like to customize. Learn where to find the best blanks for your Cricut projects and find inspiration for project ideas!


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