Cricut Cheat Sheet

Learn how to use Cricut Design Space with this Cricut Cheat Sheet!

Whether you are new to Cricut or just haven’t had the time to really figure out Design Space, I’m here to help! I use Cricut Design Space every day so it’s something that I know really well. And can teach you how to master Cricut Design Space once and for all!

Make sure to keep this Cricut cheat sheet nearby so you can easily reference it anytime.

Cricut Cheat Sheet

If you prefer larger fonts and images, I’ve updated this to also include these cheat sheets with all the same tasks, but even more in detail. And you’re going to be able to grab all of those right here.

Cricut Cheat Sheets

My cheat sheets for Cricut cover 12 popular functions and tasks! And has JUST been updated to cover the newest version of Cricut Design Space. Here’s what it includes:

Move or Size Layers Together – How to Group and Ungroup

This groups your items together so you can move and resize them as one. This does not affect how your items will be cut. You can also use this feature to ungroup items in Cricut.

How to Ungroup on Cricut

Keep Designs in Place When You Cut – How to Attach

Ever wonder why your designs don’t look the same on your mat as they do in your Canvas area? It’s because you need to attach your designs! Attach your items so they cut as they look in design space.

how to attach letters on cricut, Cricut Cheat Sheet

Use the Print then Cut Feature – Flatten Your Images!

This will merge all selected layers into a single layer, turning this into a printable image to use with the print and cut feature. Make your own stickers this way!

how to flatten in cricut design space

Resize an Image and Unlock Proportions

Use the square on the image selection of your image to resize and keep the same proportions. If you want to alter the proportions, then click the lock to unlock.

How to resize in Cricut Design Space

Add an Outline to Text or Objects – How to Offset

Use Offset to add a border around text or an image. You can also add multiple offsets to your designs!

how to offset in cricut, Cricut Cheat Sheet

Cut Words out of Objects or Crop Images – How to Slice

The slice tool has many uses!! Use the slice tool to:

how to slice an image on cricut

Remove Objects on the Same Layer – How to Contour

To remove an object or objects from the same layer, click on the layer and click contour. Select the items you want to hide and then close the window.

how to contour on cricut, Cricut Cheat Sheet

How to Use the New Combine Features in Cricut Design Space!!

Turn Multiple Layers into a Single Layer – How to Weld

The weld tool joins together multiple layers or objects to make a single image of the same color. This is a permanent change.

how to weld on cricut

Difference Between Weld and Unite

Unite acts the same as weld, only it keeps the layers separate so that you can still edit each layer separately. So, this is not a permanent change and can be undone.

how to unite on cricut

Cut a Design out of Another Project – How to Subtract

Subtract removes the top layer from the layer below it. It’s similar to slice, only it removes the extra layers for you. And you can subtract multiple layers at a time.

How to Subtract on Cricut, Cricut Cheat Sheet

Combine Layers into a New Design – How to Intersect

Intersect deletes anything that isn’t overlapping. Use this feature to combine prints into shapes or create your own custom shapes that aren’t available in Design Space!

How to Intersect on Cricut, Cricut Cheat Sheets

Remove Overlapping Elements – How to Exclude

Exclude removes parts that overlap in the design. You can use this feature with multiple layers at a time and continue to get different results with each layer you add!

How to Exclude, Cheat Sheets for Cricut

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Free Printable Cricut Cheat Sheets