How to Crop Images in Cricut Design Space Easily

Did you just get a Cricut and want to learn how to crop in Cricut Design Space? Cropping is a great skill to master as it allows you to modify existing designs and create your own unique designs. So today I am going to show you a few ways to remove items from a design and crop images so you can customize any files to fit your own design needs.

How to Crop in Cricut Design Space

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How to Crop in Cricut Design Space

First, we are going to learn how to crop an image in Cricut Design Space to change the length. This is useful when you want to resize an object. To do this, place an object over the design where you want to crop it. Then, select both objects together and click Slice.

**It’s important to note that you can only slice with 2 layers. If you are cropping multiple layers, keep reading as I will go over this next.

Now that your images are sliced, your design will look like this.

How to Crop Image in Cricut Design Space

Remove all the extra layers that you don’t need and delete them. You have now made your object shorter.

Slice Results in Cricut Design Space

Crop Using the Subtract Tool

Since creating this tutorial, a new tool has become available that makes cropping an image in Cricut Design Space even easier. Follow the same steps, except use the “Subtract” tool which you will find in the Combine menu. This removes the front image from the back without having to remove the other shapes.

Not only can you crop using this feature, but you can also cut words or designs out of an image or shape this way. To do this, select both of your layers, select “combine” and then select “subtract”. Keep in mind that the layer you are using to crop with, must be the top layer. With the subtract tool, you are cropping or removing the top layer from the bottom layer.

How to Crop an Image in Cricut Design Space

For your results, you will have just the outline of the star. If you want to learn more about the combine tools and how to use them to create designs in Cricut Design Space, make sure to check out my Cricut Combine Tools tutorial here or the video tutorial here.

How to Crop an Image When You Have Multiple Layers

When working with multiple layers to crop in Cricut Design Space, this gets a little trickier. You can weld your images together to slice them together. But, if you want your images different colors, you can’t weld them together, instead you will have to crop each layer individually. Check out this detailed tutorial on how to use the slice tool for more neat Cricut Design Space tricks!

Step 1: Upload your image

If you want to follow along with this same design, you can grab the free watermelon SVG file here. If you are using the watermelon file, first ungroup your layers.

Step 2: Add an Image from the Shapes Panel

Place a square on top of the watermelon where you want to cut the watermelon in half. Duplicate this image 2 more times (one for each layer you need to crop). Select all 3 squares together and select “Align” and “Center” to perfectly align these. Then select one of the square and the green watermelon rind together and click “Slice”.

How to Crop in Cricut Design Space

Step 3: Slice Each Layer

Continue to slice each layer. Click on one of the squares and the watermelon together and “slice”. Repeat this again for the last square and the watermelon seeds. When you are done, you will have a lot of extra layers in your layers panel.

Step 4: Delete Layers That You Don’t Need

Remove all of the layers that you do not need. Just click on the layer and click “delete” to do this. When you are done, your watermelon will be in 2 separate parts. Follow this same technique in Cricut Design Space anytime you want to crop an image with multiple layers.

How to Use Contour to Remove Part of an Image

When you have multiple images on the same layer and you only wish to remove some objects from the layer, you can use the Contour tool. Using this free I’m Two Sweet Birthday SVG, I am going to show you how to remove the text so you can use the ice cream cone to create your own graphic with it. First, you will need to ungroup the items. To do this, select the graphic and click Ungroup.

Now that the layers are no longer grouped, click on the pink layer and click Contour.

This will open the Hide Contour window. Click on the objects you want to hide. When objects are hidden, they will turn light grey. When you are finished selecting all the items you want to remove from the image, close the window.

The word “Two” has now been removed. When you remove objects using the Contour tool, they will not cut when you send your project to “Make It.” But, you can click on contour to add the images back if you need them again.

Next, repeat the steps with the green layer.

How to Crop an Image in Cricut Design Space

Now that you have hidden these images using the contour tool, you are left with just the ice cream cone that you can use to create your own designs. Use this technique whenever you want to remove words or designs when they are on the same layer.

How to Crop in Cricut Design Space

Use These Crop Tools to Turn an Image into a Shape

You won’t usually use this trick to modify existing SVG files. But, this is a cool trick so it’s worth adding in here. You can crop an image to change the size or it’s design, but you can also crop an image to change the shape. This is great for making picture stickers or picture magnets.

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Then, create a shape (like a heart) and place it over the image where you want to crop it.
  3. Select both images and slice it.
  4. Remove the pieces you no longer need.

Now you can cut personalized stickers or magnets!

Crop Image Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space has a wide variety of tools for editing and creating your own designs. If you want to learn how to create designs using shapes or other helpful tasks, then make sure to check out more of my Cricut Design Space Tutorial here.

For additional tutorials and design inspiration, make sure to check out my free SVG library for Cricut where you will find over 500 projects ideas that you can make with your Cricut!

If you want to be able to easily come back to this tutorial to learn how to crop in Cricut Design Space, then make sure to save this pin and you can reference it on Pinterest whenever you need.

How to Crop Images in Cricut Design Space