Poinsettia Paper Flowers

Use this Free Poinsettia SVG with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine. These DIY paper poinsettia flowers are perfect for adding Christmas decorations. Add them to gifts, cards or even use felt to create your own poinsettia bouquet.

Free Poinsettia SVG Paper Flower

Supplies Needed to make Poinsettia Paper Flowers

How to Make Poinsettia Flowers

Step 1 – Upload your Poinsettia SVG to Cricut Design Space

Upload the free Poinsettia SVG to Cricut Design Space. If needed, this tutorial will show you how to upload files to Cricut Design Space. Before editing the design, you will need to ungroup the layers. To do this, click on the top layer (which will select all layers) and then select “ungroup”.

Ungroup Your Layers in Cricut Design Space

Step 2 – Resize Your Flower Pieces and Add Score Lines

Resize the poinsettia flower pieces as needed and then change your lines to score lines. To do this, select your score layers (right now they say Basic Cut). You can select these together by holding down shift. Then go to the drop-down menu and select “Score”.

Change your lines to score lines

Step 3 – Attach Your Score Lines

Next, attach each score line to the correct place by selecting both layers and then “attach”. Do this for both flowers pieces and both leaf pieces.

Attach score lines to poinsettia SVG

Your poinsettia flowers are now ready to make! Click Make It in the upper right of your screen. In the mat preview screen, you’ll see all the mats for your project. Your score and cut lines should be placed in the correct location. If they are not on top of their design, you will need to go back and attach them together. Then, click Continue to cut.

Select "Make It" to cut your Poinsettia Paper Flowers

Step 4 – Prepare Your Cricut Mats

Prepare your Cricut mats as shown in the mat preview screen. Make sure that you have inserted your Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel before you begin to cut your project. I am using this Scoring Sylus in this tutorial. Then, cut all of your cardstock for your project.

**Note – If you prefer flat paper poinsettia flowers, you can delete the score lines and skip scoring them. Scoring the flowers gives a nice 3-dimensional effect, making them look more realistic.

Cut Your Cardstock for your Gift Card Holder

Assemble Your Poinsettia Flowers

Once all the pieces are cut, you can assemble your poinsettia flowers. Fold on each of your score lines to add a 3-dimensional effect to your flowers and leaves. Then, glue your flower pieces together. I glue the leaves diagonal over the other. But you can assemble these however you like!

Then, add your rhinestones! You can also cut yellow circles which are included in the poinsettia SVG files, but I prefer using rhinestones.

These poinsettia paper flowers look great to decorate presents. You can also use it to add more decor to this paper gift card holder.

**Tip – These look really neat using red and green felt as well. You can create a realistic looking poinsettia bouquet this way!

Free Poinsettia SVG Cut File

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Free Christmas Poinsettia SVG and tutorial

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