Yay, You’re in! You’ve gained access to my members only library for Cricut projects and crafts. I am always updating this library and you’ll continue to have access as long as you keep the password on hand. Please remember these are for personal use only.  If you’re looking to sell products using these designs, please purchase a Commercial Use License here.

IMPORTANT – How to Find What You Need

To find the file you are looking for, use the table of contents to jump to the category for that project. You can also search this page by the file name. Just press Control + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the file name.

When you click on the link to download, the file will automatically download. Make sure to check your downloads folder if you don’t see it. The files come in a zipped folder, so you will need to extract the files first. The SVG file is the file that looks like an html file or an internet explorer file.

This library was just added and does not have all of my free crafts and files added it to it yet. While I continue to transfer everything over, you can search through my free SVG files here to find other crafts and files that you’ll love.

Paper Crafts

1. Paper Star Lanterns SVG/DXF/PDF – tutorial Paper Star Lantern Tutorial with Free 3D Star SVG Templates
2. Winter Wonderland Banner SVG/DXF – tutorial Winter Wonderland Banner SVG
3. Strawberry Paper Basket SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Strawberry Paper Basket Template
4. 3D Butterfly SVG/DXF – tutorial How to Make a 3d Butterfly with Cricut
5. Banner Template SVG/DXF/EPSBanner Templates {Create your own Banner for ANY Occasion}
6. Popsicle Invitation Template SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Popsicle Invitation
7. Floating Candles SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Floating Candles

Box Templates

1. Valentine’s Day Explosion Box SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Valentine’s Day Explosion Box Tutorial
2. Heart Box Templates SVG – tutorial Heart Box SVG
3. Donut Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Donut Box Template
4. Gingerbread House Explosion Box SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Gingerbread House Explosion Box
5. Haunted House Explosion Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Halloween Haunted House Explosion Box
6. Mermaid Shell Treat Boxes SVG/DXF – tutorial Mermaid Shell Treat Boxes
7. Money Balloon Box Template SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Money Balloon Gift Idea
8. Cake Box Template SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Paper Cake Box
9. Milk Carton Favor Box Template SVG/DXF – tutorial Milk Carton Favor Boxes
10. Graduation Explosion Box SVG/DXF – tutorial How to Make a Graduation Explosion Box
11. Popcorn Box Template SVG/DXF – tutorial Popcorn Box Template
12. Gift Box Templates SVG/DXF/EPS – tutorial Cricut Gift Box Templates
14. Butterfly Favor Boxes SVG/PNG – tutorial Butterfly Favor Boxes
15. Mini Christmas Character Treat Boxes SVG/DXF/EPS – tutorial Cricut Christmas Treat Boxes
16. Mini Turkey Treat Boxes SVG/DXF – tutorial Thanksgiving Turkey Boxes
17. Turkey Shaped Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Turkey Box Tutorial
18. Mini Pumpkin Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Pumpkin Box Tutorial
19. Square Christmas Theme Boxes SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Christmas Boxes
20. Square Halloween Theme Boxes SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Halloween Treat Boxes with Free SVG

Card Templates

1. Scratch Off Card SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Scratch Off Card
2. Pop Up Box Card SVG/DXF/PDF – tutorial How to Make a Pop Up Box Card
3. Valentine’s Day Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Valentine Cards
4. Valentine Shaker Cards SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Valentine Shaker Cards
5. Snow Globe Card SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Handmade Snow Globe Christmas Card Tutorial
6. Money Holder Envelopes SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Money Holder Envelopes
7. Mother’s Day Shaker Card SVG/DXF – tutorial Mother’s Day Shaker Card
8. Pop Up Flower Card SVG/DXF/JPG – tutorial Easy Pop Up Flower Card
9. Camera Shutter Card SVG – tutorial How to Make a Camera Shutter Card
10. Baby Shower Card Templates SVG – tutorial How to Make baby Shower Cards with Cricut
11. Anniversary Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Anniversary Cards
12. Birthday Pop Up Card SVG – tutorial Cricut Birthday Pop Up Card
13. Envelope Templates SVG – tutorial Envelope SVG Templates – Make & Address Envelopes with Cricut
14. Father’s Day Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Father’s Day Cards
15. Pop Up Graduation Card SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Graduation Card {Customize Any Year}
16. Thank You Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Thank You Cards
17. Mother’s Day Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Mother’s Day Cards
18. Birthday Card Templates for Kids SVG – tutorial Cricut Birthday Cards for Kids
19. Birthday Card Templates SVG – tutorial Cricut Birthday Cards
20. Christmas Card Templates SVG/DXF/EPS – tutorial 5 Stand Up Cricut Christmas Card Ideas
21. Money Holder Cards SVG – tutorial Cricut Money Holders

Gift Card Holders

1. Hot Cocoa Gift Card Holder SVG – tutorial Hot Cocoa Christmas Gift Card Holder SVG
2. Beer Mug Gift Card Holder SVG/DXF – tutorial Beer Mug Cricut Gift Card Holder
3. Butterfly Gift Card Holder SVG – tutorial Cricut Butterfly Gift Card Holder
4. Popcorn Gift Card Holder SVG/DXF – tutorial Popcorn Gift Card Holder
5. Toolbox Gift Card Holder SVG/DXF – tutorial Toolbox Gift Card Holder
6. Gift Card Flower Bouquet SVG/DXF – tutorial Gift Card Flower Bouquet
7. Crayon/Pencil Gift Card Holders SVG – tutorial Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holders
8. Gift Card Holder Template SVG/DXF – tutorial Easy DIY Gift Card Holders with Free Template

Dome Candy Holders

1. Valentine’s Day Candy Holders SVG/DXF – tutorial Valentine Candy Holders
2. Easter Candy Holders SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Easter Candy Holders
3. Pumpkin Candy Holder SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Pumpkin Candy Holder
4. Halloween Candy Holders (Witch Feet, Black Cat) SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Halloween Candy Holders
5. Halloween Candy Holders (Sugar Skull, Haunted House, Ghosts) SVG/DXF – tutorial Halloween Candy Holders
6. Christmas Candy Holders SVG/DXF – tutorial Christmas Candy Holders

Wood Crafts

1. Hello Valentine Wood Round Template SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Valentine Wood Sign with Cricut

Valentine Crafts

1. Gumball Valentines Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Gumball Valentines Box
2. Pop It Valentine Cards SVG/DXF/PNG – tutorial How to Make Pop It Valentines
3. Valentine Cards with Crayons SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Valentine Crayon Cards
4. Valentine Treat Boxes (Frog, Gnome & Owl) SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Valentine Boxes
5. Valentine Lollipop Holders SVG/DXF – tutorial Valentine Lollipop Holders
6. Wine is My Valentine SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Wine is My Valentine
7. Conversation Hearts for Teens SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
8. Sweet Heart SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
9. Single, Taken, Tacos SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
10. Leopard Heart SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
11. Donuts Are My Valentine SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
12. Love is in the Hair Scrunchie Valentine SVG/DXF/PDF – tutorial Scrunchie Valentine Card
13. My First Valentine’s Day SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
14. Little Heartbreaker SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
15. Dinosaur Valentine SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
16. Bee Mine SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS
17. You’re My Person SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial You’re My Person Acrylic Keychain
18. Kisses $1.00 SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Valentine’s Day Kisses SVG
19. Stealin’ Hearts and Makin’ Farts SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Stealin’ Hearts and Makin’ Farts SVG
20. Panda Valentine’s Day Box SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Shoebox Panda Valentine’s Day Box
21. Heart with Love Cutout SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Love SVG
22. You’re the Balm Valentine Chapstick Cards JPG/PDF – tutorial Chapstick Valentine Card
23. Hello Love Panda SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Hello Love Panda SVG
24. Mouse Love SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Love SVG
25. Conversation Hearts Throw Pillow SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Valentine’s Day Throw Pillow
26. Spread Love Not Germs JPG – tutorial Hand Sanitizer Valentine
27. I HeartYou Valentine JPG – tutorial Valentine Candy Cards
28. Paper Heart Basket SVG/DXF – tutorial Easy Paper Heart Basket Using a Cricut
29. Valentine Candy Box SVG/DXF – tutorial DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Box with a Window

Mardi Gras Files

1. Mardi Gras Beads SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Mardi Gras Beads SVG
2. Mardi Gras Lip SVG/DXF/PNG/EPS – tutorial Mardi Gras Lip SVG
3. Mardi Gras Mask SVG/PNG/PDF – tutorial Free Mardi Gras Mask SVG – Make Layered Masquerade Masks
4. Mardi Gras Shirt SVG/DXF/PNG/PDF – tutorial Mardi Gras Shirt SVG
5. Mardi Gras Banner SVG/DXF/PDF – tutorial Mardi Gras Banner SVG + Printable Banner

Easter Files

1. Easter Basket SVG/DXF – tutorial Cricut Paper Easter Basket SVG
2. Easter Bunny Treat Box SVG/DXF – tutorial Easter Bunny Treat Box SVG
3. Easter Crayon Card Templates SVG/DXF – tutorial Easter Crayon Card Templates