Strawberry Paper Box

This strawberry paper box craft is just too cute to not try! The strawberries easily open up to reveal a sweet gift that you put inside. Fill the strawberry basket and give this sweet treat as a gift. Or use the strawberry SVG file to create a strawberry garland or other cute decorations for a strawberry themed party.

Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to put together these strawberry boxes with the strawberry paper box holder. You can also find other fun strawberry SVG files here.

strawberry paper box, strawberry svg, cricut box template

Strawberry Paper Box

You’ll easily be able to put these cute strawberry boxes together with your Cricut. Your Cricut will draw the seeds and cut these right out for you.

Place these boxes out filled with strawberry treats for a cute party favor or fill the basket for a fun gift. You’ll have just as much fun making these cute treat boxes as your guests will opening them.

cricut favor boxes, strawberry paper gift box

Supplies Needed:

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To make this strawberry paper box with a Cricut, you will need:

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Strawberry Paper Box Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make these strawberry boxes and container:

YouTube video

Create a new project in Cricut Design Space and then upload the paper strawberry box template and add it to your canvas. Click on your template and then select “ungroup” to ungroup your layers.

Note: You won’t be able to modify the template if you don’t first ungroup your layers!

Modify the Strawberries in Cricut Design Space

Before cutting your strawberries, you will need to change some of the lines to score lines and other designs to the pen operation. If you are not using a scoring tool or Cricut pens with your cutting machine, then you will delete each of these items.

Select the square on top of your strawberry container and change the operation to “score”. Then attach the score lines to the container layer. You will do this by selecting the score lines and container layer together (hold down shift to select multiple layers together) and then select “attach”.

Then change the group of lines on the pink rectangle layer to “score”. Attach these score lines to the rectangle layer and then repeat these steps for the other pink rectangle.

Select the layer of seeds on top of your strawberry and change the operation to “Pen”. Then select your pen type and color. I highly recommend using the 1.0 tip black marker for this project because with a thinner tip pen it won’t fill in the entire seed the way the marker does.

Last, change the operation of the lines to “score” and attach both the pen and score layers to your strawberry.

Note: You can cut up to 4 strawberries on a 12×12 sheet of cardstock. Just select your strawberry and leaf layer and duplicate for as many strawberries as you want to cut.

How to Assemble the Strawberries

Flip your strawberry over so the seeds are face down. Then fold on each of the score lines, folding up. Flip your strawberry back over and add glue to the piece without seeds.

DIY Paper Strawberry Box

Glue this piece behind the strawberry petal on the other side to attach the strawberry together. So when it’s glued together, it should look like there are only 5 petals.

Using a pen or something that is similar, curl the leaf ends going in. Then take a piece of string and string it through each of the holes on the strawberry.

DIY Paper Strawberry Box

Pull the string on the strawberry to close the strawberry. If you are adding a gift or treat inside, make sure to add this first.

Then string each piece of the string through one of the holes on the leaf top. Pull the string tight until the strawberry is fully closed and then tie a bow to keep it in place. Repeat this for as many strawberry gift boxes that you want to make.

strawberry paper gift box, strawberry svg, free cricut box template

How to Assemble the Strawberry Container

First, fold on all 4 score lines on the strawberry container. Then fold down the long middle score line on the 2 rectangle pieces.

On the rectangle pieces, you will see score lines that don’t run all the way up. These are your guides for gluing down the strawberry container. Glue the first side in-between the guides. Then add glue on top so you can fold the rectangle piece over and glue it in place.

Note: Make sure that you don’t add glue to that left side so you can keep this open to attach the tab pieces.

Repeat these steps to glue the other container side down. Make sure to find the guides and glue the container within the guides. To see this done, you can watch the video tutorial here.

Once all the sides are glued down, attach the tab pieces together by gluing them to the inside of the opening.

Glue the handle to the inside of the box and then add in all your strawberries! How cute is this strawberry paper box? It makes a great gift or party favor. And you’ll be able to get your treat out by untying the strawberry.

strawberry paper box, strawberry svg free

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