50+ Baby Onesie SVG Files

Make personalized Cricut onesies for your littles with these free baby onesie SVG files. They are perfect for baby showers, newborn gifts and celebrations.

Store bought onesies are cute but being able to make your own custom and personalized onesies is so much more fun. With over 50 free baby onesie SVG files, you’ll easily be able to find something perfect.

baby onesie SVG, cricut onesies

You can also use these designs to set up your own onesie station if you are throwing a baby shower. This is such a fun activity for showers and the mom gets to leave with a lot of fun (and much needed) onesies to take home for their little one. And if you need a card, make sure to check out my Cricut baby shower cards here.

How to Make DIY Onesies with a Cricut

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make your own Cricut onesies. And they are super quick to put together which makes them perfect for last-minute baby shower gifts. To make baby onesies, you will need:

If you are new to making onesies or iron on projects with your Cricut, then check out this iron on vinyl tutorial for step-by-step directions.

Note: Always mirror your design and place the vinyl shiny side down when using iron on vinyl.

Where to Buy Blank Onesies

You can purchase blank onesies at a lot of different places. I typically prefer either the Carter’s brand or Gerber. Carter’s seems to work better for skinnier babies as the style is longer and leaner. And Gerber’s is great for the chunkier babies.

You can find these styles at Target, but I find you’ll have a better selection of colors and sizes if you order them online from Amazon. You’ll also be able to find more styles in bulk which you will want if you are setting up a onesie station for a baby shower or making a lot of different Cricut baby onesies.

Baby Onesie SVG Files

Search over 50 different onesie SVG files from my site to use to create your own Cricut onesies. Just click on the link and it will take you to the page to download the free baby onesie SVG file. You can learn all about the licensing for these files here.

Rainbow Baby SVG

Rainbow Baby SVG, Cricut Onesies, free svg files for baby onesies

A rainbow baby can be such a blessing after a painful loss. I too have my own rainbow baby (who’s not quite a baby anymore!) So, if you or someone you know is expecting a rainbow baby, then make sure to grab this rainbow baby SVG to make them an extra special baby onesie.

Sunflower One SVG

Sunflower SVG, Cricut Onesies, free svg files for baby onesies

If you’re throwing a sunflower themed first birthday party, then you’ll want to make this sunflower onesie for the birthday girl! This design is adorable for first birthday pictures, especially when paired with a yellow tutu.

Baby Shark 2nd Birthday SVG

baby shark 2nd birthday SVG, baby onesie SVG free, Cricut onesie ideas

Baby shark birthday parties have become so popular lately! And if you are throwing your own baby shark party for your 2 year old, then make sure to grab this baby shark 2nd birthday SVG to create their own birthday themed shirt! This looks just as cute in pink for a girl.

Little Peanut SVG

Little Peanut SVG, free svg files for baby onesies, Cricut onesies

You’re going to love this little peanut cricut onesie. It’s not only a super cute onesie, but is a perfect baby shower gift. And it’s great for giving at gender reveal parties or showers where the gender isn’t known yet.

Monogram Onesie SVG

Monogram Template SVG, baby onesie svg, cricut baby onesies

This design is perfect if you love adding monograms to onesies. Grab the onesie SVG file and learn how to personalize this with your own monogram here.

Baby Bear SVG

Baby Bear SVG, Cricut Onesie, onesie svg

This baby bear onesie comes with a layered bow that you can easily hide for the baby boy version or use for the baby girl version. You can also grab the Mama Bear SVG and the Papa Bear SVG for a coordinating set.

My Parents Did Not Practice Social Distancing SVG

My Parents Did Not Social Distance SVG, Funny Baby Onesie SVG

Although the days of social distancing are in the past (so happy for this!). I think we all can still appreciate the humor with this my parents did not practice social distancing onesie.

Baby Milestone SVG Bundle

Baby Milestone SVG, Free SVG Files, baby onesie SVG

Celebrate your baby’s monthly milestones with their own personalized onesie. Grab this free Baby Milestone SVG Bundle and get all 16 of these free SVG cut files for each milestone. This design works great for making milestone disks and is a great baby shower gift idea.

Holiday Baby Onesie SVG Files

Whether you are looking for SVG files for “baby’s 1st” or cute holiday outfit ideas, you’ll find all of those here.

New Year’s SVG

My First New Years SVG, cricut new years projects

If you’re little one is celebrating their first New Year’s, then ring in the New Year with this precious My First New Year’s SVG. Comes with a tiara version and top hat with bow version.

Mommy's Midnight Kiss SVG, Baby Onesie SVG

This is a perfect onesie for your little midnight kiss this New Year’s! Even if they can’t stay up until midnight, they’ll still look perfect with this Mommy’s Midnight Kiss SVG.

Valentine Onesie SVG

Stealin’ Hearts and Makin’ Farts SVG

baby onesie SVG, Stealin Hearts and Makin Farts SVG, cricut onesie

This Stealin’ Hearts and Makin’ Farts SVG is perfect for any little boy for Valentine’s Day. And I love how this design covers the full length of the onesie

Kisses $1 SVG

baby onseis SVG, Valentine's Day SVG, baby onesie cricut ideas

Be prepared to shower your little one with kisses when you dress them in this adorable Kisses for $1 Valentine’s Day onesie. This design looks just as great for toddlers as it does for baby onesies.

Bee Mine SVG

Bee Mine SVG, Cricut Onesies, baby onesie SVG free

This Bee Mine SVG makes the cutest Valentine’s Day onesie. I love paring this with a fluffy red or pink tutu.

Little Heartbreaker SVG

little heartbreaker SVG, Valentine SVG, boy onesie SVG

Dress your little heart breaker up in this onesie for Valentine’s Day. This little heart breaker SVG is perfect for boys or girls and toddlers or kids! It’s so versitle so you’ll easily be able to find someone to make this for.

My First Valentine’s Day SVG

My First Valentine's Day SVG for onesies, Boy Valentine SVG Free

If you know a little boy celebrating his first valentine’s day, then dress him up in this tie and suspenders first valentine’s day onesie. He’ll wow all the ladies in this fine outfit!

St. Patrick’s Cricut Onesies

Lucky Charm SVG

lucky charm onesie SVG, St. Patrick's Day SVG, baby onesie cricut ideas

Let your little one be your lucky charm this St. Patrick’s Day! Just grab this free lucky charm SVG file and some green iron on vinyl to make this Cricut baby onesie.

Little Miss Pot of Gold SVG

onesie SVG, baby girl onesie SVG, St Patricks Day SVG, Little Miss Pot of Gold SVG

Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in this Little Miss Pot of Gold onesie. I also love pairing this one with gold glitter iron on vinyl.

Mr. Pinch Charming SVG

boy onesie SVG, Mr Pinch Charming SVG, St. Patrick's Day SVG

While the last design was for the ladies, this one is for the little fellows. And you can bet your little fellow won’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day if he is wearing this Mr. Pinch Charming onesie.

My First St. Patrick’s Day SVG

First St. Patrick's Day SVG, Baby Onesie SVG, Free SVG Files

If your little one is celebrating their 1st St. Patrick’s Day, then grab this festive My First St. Patrick’s Day SVG to create this Cricut baby onesie.

Easter Onesie SVG Ideas

Chicks Dig Me SVG

Chicks Dig Me Onesie

Looking for something for a little boy to wear for Easter? Then grab this chicks dig me SVG to make this super cute Cricut onesie.

Snuggle Bunny SVG

Snuggle Bunny SVG, Cricut Onesies, Easter SVG, baby girl onesie svg free

Does it get any cuter than this Snuggle Bunny onesie? Well, it does if you pair it with one of these ruffle onesies!

Chick Magnet SVG

chick magnet SVG, boy onesie svg, cricut onesie ideas

If you have a little chick magnet, then grab this chick magnet SVG. This is a super simple, yet adorable onesie. This is a great gift idea as well.

One Cute Chick SVG

one cute chick svg, easter svg, baby girl onesie svg free

You’ll want to make this super cute onesie for your little chick this Easter. Grab this one cute chick SVG here. You’ll also love how this looks with this fluffy pink tutu.

Mother’s Day Cricut Onesie

Our First Mother’s Day SVG

Mother's Day SVG, Cricut Onesies, free svg files for baby onesies

This baby onesie and mom shirt duo is the perfect gift for a mother celebrating their first Mother’s Day. To make this shirt and Cricut onesie, just grab the Mother’s Day SVG file here.

4th of July Cricut Onesie Ideas

Little Firecracker SVG

Little Firecracker SVG, cricut onesies, baby onesie SVG

Dress your little firecracker up in this festive onesie for the 4th of July! This is such a simple onesie to make with your Cricut and you can grab the free little firecracker SVG here. You’ll also love this paired with this red tutu for little girls.

Star Spangled Stud SVG

Star Spangled Stud SVG, 4th of July SVG, boy onesie SVG

Dress your little stud up in this star-spangled stud cricut onesie. This design is also super cute for toddlers.

Fall/Halloween Cricut Onesies

Little Pumpkin SVG

Little Pumpkin SVG, Daddys Little Pumpkin SVG, Baby Pumpkin SVG

Whether your little one is Daddy’s little pumpkin or Mommy’s little pumpkin, there is a design for both of you! You can grab the little pumpkin SVG files here and then battle it out to see if the mommy or daddy version wins.

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch SVG

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch SVG, baby onesie SVG, cricut onesies

There will be no question about who is the cutest pumpkin in the patch when your little one wears this Cricut onesie! This cutest pumpkin in the patch SVG is also great for wearing for pumpkin patch pictures.

Coolest Pumpkin in the Patch SVG

coolest pumpkin in the patch SVG, boy onesie SVG, Cricut onesie

There’s no question about who the coolest pumpkin in the patch is when your little one wears this pumpkin onesie! It’s also great for pumpkin patch pictures. Grab the coolest pumpkin in the patch SVG here.

Little Monster SVG

little monster SVG, Halloween SVG, boy onesie SVG

This little monster onesie is perfect for Halloween. This design is also great for toddler boys.

Wicked Cute SVG

Wicked Cute SVG, Halloween SVG, Cricut onesies

If you are looking for something that is wicked cute for Halloween, then you found it! The ghost on this wicked cute SVG is fun for using glow in the dark iron on vinyl.

Jack-O-Lantern SVG

jack-o-lantern free svg file, baby onesie SVG, pumpkin face SVG

This simple, yet cute jack-o-lantern SVG makes such a fun baby onesie for Halloween! You can also make a coordinating mommy shirt with this jack o Lantern Face SVG.

My 1st Halloween SVG

My 1st Halloween SVG, onesie SVG free

When celebrating a 1st Halloween, it’s always fun to have a My 1st Halloween onesie! This black cat looks super cute and the orange glitter vinyl makes this design extra.

Thanksgiving Onesie SVG Files

Fresh out of the Oven SVG

Fresh Out of the Oven SVG, First Thanksgiving SVG, Cricut Thanksgiving Projects

When your little one is fresh out of the oven, you’ll want to grab this fresh out of the oven SVG. This design is super cute for a Thanksgiving onesie outfit.

Gobble til you Wobble SVG

Gobble til you Wobble SVG, Boy Thanksgiving SVG

This Gobble til you Wobble SVG looks just as cute on a baby onesie as it does on a shirt for toddlers. I love to pair this design with this orange raglan sleeve shirt.

My 1st Thanksgiving SVG

My First Thanksgiving SVG, Thanksgiving Cricut Ideas

If you love personalized onesies, then you’ll love this 1st Thanksgiving SVG. There’s plenty of room to personalize this with a name up top. You can also grab a turkey decal here to make a coordinating bow!

Turkey Face SVG

Turkey Face SVG, Thanksgiving Turkey SVG

Turn your little one into a turkey for Thanksgiving! This onesie is super simple to make with your Cricut, but is a big hit with all the guest. Grab this turkey face SVG here.

Christmas Cricut Onesies

My 1st Christmas SVG

1st Christmas Free SVG, cricut onesies, baby onesie SVG

This reindeer is precious on this My 1st Christmas onesie. To really dress this Christmas onesie up, use a ruffle onesie and pair it with a fluffy red tutu.

My 1st Christmas SVG

My First Christmas SVG, cricut onesies, baby onesie SVG free

If you are looking for a first Christmas SVG that is more suited for boys, then this 1st Christmas SVG is for you. Create this super cute onesie with your Cricut for your little Santa.

Best Gift Ever SVG

Best Gift Ever SVG, baby onesie SVG, Christmas SVG

Expecting a little one around Christmas? We all know this is the best gift ever… so make this best gift ever onesie for your little one at Christmastime.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas SVG

I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas SVG, Cricut Onesies

When you have a baby, you should have a different Christmas onesie or outfit for everyday for the month of December! There are so many previous Christmas designs, so this is easy to accomplish. And this I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas SVG makes a super cute outfit!

Santa Baby SVG

Santa Baby SVG, free svg files for baby onesies, Christmas SVG

And this is another super cute Christmas outfit for your little one. If you have a girl, you’ll love pairing this Santa Baby SVG with this fluffy red tutu.

So Elfin’ Cute SVG

So Elfin Cute SVG, Christmas SVG, baby onesie SVG

This next Christmas onesie is So Elfin Cute! Seriously, your little elf needs this onesie. And lucky for you, you can easily make it with your Cricut! Just grab the So Elfin Cute SVG file here. For girls, you’ll love pairing this with a fluffy red or green tutu.

Boy Onesie SVG Cricut Onesies

If you have a little boy to make Cricut onesies for, then check out this selection of boy onesie SVG files from my site.

Studd Muffin SVG

boy onesie SVG, Stud Muffin SVG, Cricut Onesies

If you have a little Stud Muffin that you’re making a Cricut onesie for, then make sure to grab this Stud Muffin SVG. This is a simple design that takes minutes to put together.

I Do My Own Stunts SVG

Boy Mom SVG, boy onesie SVG, cricut onesie

You’ll be able to grab this boy mom shirt and boy onesie duo here. And if you’re a boy mom, you may also like this Boy Mama SVG.

Daddy’s Fishing Buddy SVG

daddy's fishing buddy svg, boy onesie svg, cricut onesies

If you’re looking for the perfect onesie to accompany daddy on his fishing trips, then you’re in luck! Use this Daddy’s Fishing Buddy SVG to make this super cute onesie with your Cricut. It also makes a great baby shower gift for any family who loves fishing.

Pack My Diapers I’m Going Fishing with Grandpa SVG

pack my diapers I'm going fishing with grandpa SVG, boy onesie SVG, fishing SVG

And if baby prefers going fishing with Grandpa, then send him on his fishing trip wearing this pack my diapers I’m going fishing with Grandpa onesie. You can bet that grandpa will love this one!

Little Cowboy SVG

little cowboy svg, western svg, baby onesie svg

This one is for all those little cowboys who still can’t change their own diapers. You can use this Little Cowboy SVG to make this onesie for your little cowboy, but it also makes a great baby shower gift.

Proud Bro SVG

proud bro SVG, boy onesie SVG, football SVG

This next onesie SVG is for the little brothers of football players. Make this proud brother onesie to show support for his favorite player! You’ll also be able to grab this in the proud sis version.

Dinosaur Birthday SVG

dinosaur birthday svg, birthday SVG, onesie SVG

You’ll love this Dinosaur Birthday shirt or onesie for your little dude’s birthday party! This birthday dinosaur SVG works great on onesies, but I also love it on these raglan tee shirts.

Baby Girl Onesie SVG

You’ll find the sweetest baby onesie Cricut ideas for girls here! And if you love pairing adorable onesies with adorable tutus, these are my FAVORITE tutus for little girls!

Berry Sweet SVG

berry sweet SVG, baby girl onesie svg free, cricut onesies

Your little girl is going to look so berry sweet in this strawberry onesie, especially when paired with a fluffy pink or red tutu. Make sure to grab this berry sweet SVG file to make this baby onesie with your Cricut.

The Original & The Remix SVG

Mommy and Me SVG, baby onesie Cricut ideas, onesie SVG free

If you are looking for the perfect mommy and me shirt/onesie idea, then this is the pair for you! You can grab this mommy and me SVG file here.

Aint’ No Daddy Like the One I Got SVG

Ain't No Daddy Like The One I Got SVG, Cricut Onesies, baby girl onesie svg

What dad wouldn’t be thrilled to see his baby girl wearing this onesie? Grab this ain’t no daddy like the one I got SVG and surprise your hubby with this one!

Football Sister SVG

football sister svg, baby girl onesie svg free, football svg

This onesie is for the little sisters of football players. So make this football sister onesie to show support for her favorite player! You can also grab a football decal here to make a coordinating bow!

Cute-Saurus SVG

Cute Saurus SVG, Dinosaur SVG, Cricut Onesie

Dinosaurs are definitely not just for boys! Your little girl will look super cute in this Cute Saurus Dinosaur onesie. You can also pair it with this fluffy tutu!

Unicorn Face with Bow SVG

Unicorn Face with Bow SVG, Unicorn Face SVG

This one is for the unicorn lovers! Nothing feels more magical than a unicorn onesie paired with a fluffy tutu! But this design looks great on shirts for toddlers and kids. I especially love it with this ruffle sleeve shirt.

Queen Bee SVG

Queen Bee SVG, Baby Onesie SVG Free, Cricut Onesies

Make your little queen bee this adorable onesie. This queen bee SVG is perfect for spring, but would make an adorable bumblebee themed birthday party as well.

Sweet like Honey SVG

honeybee SVG, Sweet Like Honey SVG, baby onesie SVG free

If you know someone who is sweet like honey, then grab this honeybee SVG to make this adorable Cricut onesie. Pair this with a fluffy white tutu and it’s perfect for a bumblebee themed party or costume!