17 Cricut Thanksgiving Craft Ideas & Free SVG Files

Get ready to use your Cricut machine to make some amazing crafts for Thanksgiving and fall. Because, today I’m sharing 17 Cricut Thanksgiving ideas and crafts that are great decorating your house, giving as gifts or wearing.

You’ll find ideas and inspiration for Thanksgiving decor, shirts and gift ideas. Just click on the link in the craft description and it will take you directly to the free Thanksgiving SVG file and step-by-step tutorial for that Cricut Thanksgiving project.

Cricut Thanksgiving Craft ideas

You can also check out my most popular Cricut Christmas crafts if you want to get a head start on all of your holiday crafting. But make sure to stick around to check out these Thanksgiving craft ideas first!

1. Paper Thanksgiving Wreath

This Thanksgiving wreath is one of my favorite Cricut Thanksgiving projects. The use of layers and colors in this design really add a touch of fall to your house. Plus, the turkey is super cute. Hang this wreath at home or on your classroom or office door. Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial here or view the video tutorial here.

Cricut Thanksgiving Wreath

2. Cricut Thanksgiving Decorative Throw Pillow

Decorate your home this Thanksgiving with a decorative throw pillow. I love to switch my throw pillows out for each season and holiday. And this is easy to do if you just swap out the pillowcases instead of pillows.

And this In All Things Give Thanks SVG is prefect for creating a thankful vibe for your Thanksgiving decor. This design will also look great as framed artwork.

Give Thanks Throw Pillow SVG

3. Turkey Wine Bottle Wrap

If you are looking for the perfect hostess gift idea, then wrap their favorite wine in this festive turkey wine bottle wrap. Teachers love this gift also. Or you can place it on your table for Thanksgiving for a really cute table decoration.

Grab this turkey wine bottle wrap and step-by-step tutorial here.

Cricut Thanksgiving Craft ideas

4. Fall, Family & Football Throw Pillow

Fall, Thanksgiving and Football go together all too well! Make sure to grab this Fall, Family & Football SVG to make this throw pillow with your Cricut. Because, is it even Thanksgiving if there isn’t football?

Fall Family Football Throw pillow SVG

5. Cricut Thanksgiving Turkey Box

Thanksgiving is a great time to give a little gift to show your thanks. You can make your gift even sweeter by gifting it in an adorable Turkey box. It’s so easy to see why this turkey box is so popular and it’s surprisingly easy to put together.

Make sure to grab this turkey box SVG and the step-by-step tutorial for a Cricut Thanksgiving craft you’ll love!

Cricut Thanksgiving ideas

6. Thankful Throw Pillow

This Thankful SVG is another great design for a throw pillow. This time of year is all about being thankful and if you’re looking for a Cricut Thanksgiving idea to remind you of that, then this is just what you need.

Cricut Thanksgiving Craft ideas

7. Paper Turkey Treat Box Cricut Thanksgiving Idea

And this turkey box is another popular Cricut Thanksgiving craft. You only need a sheet of cardstock and a couple minutes to put this together. It’s so simple that you can easily assemble these for your class, co-workers or friends! And don’t forget to add their favorite treat inside.

Thanksgiving Box SVG, Turkey SVG, Cricut Thanksgiving ideas

8. Will Run for Pie Shirt

Looking for Cricut Thanksgiving ideas for your turkey day run? Then grab this Will Run for Pie SVG to create the perfect shirt. It’s not only perfect for your Thanksgiving day run, but also for wearing to your Thanksgiving gatherings.

Will Run for Pie SVG, Turkey Trot SVG, Thanksgiving SVG, Funny Thanksgiving SVG

9. Leg Day Funny Thanksgiving Shirt Idea

This It’s Leg Day SVG is another fun design for your Thanksgiving Day runs! But even if you don’t have a morning run, this funny shirt is perfect for wearing to Thanksgiving dinner… if the attire is appropriate.

It's Leg Day SVG, Thanksgiving SVG, Turkey Trot SVG

10. Huffin’ For the Stuffin’ Race Day Shirt

Because Turkey Trot runs are so popular, I’ve created a few different designs that you can wear for your morning run or evening dinner. And this Huffin’ for the Stuffin’ SVG is more of your classic Turkey Trot shirt.

Huffin For the Stuffin SVG, Turkey Trot SVG, Running Turkey SVG

11. Let’s Get Basted Cricut Thanksgiving Shirt

If you’re the one who likes to show up to Thanksgiving dinner to make people laugh, then this next Thanksgiving shirt idea is perfect for you. Grab this Let’s Get Basted SVG and see what happens when you wear it.

Let's Get Based SVG, Thanksgiving Shirt SVG, Funny Thanksgiving SVG

12. I’m Stuffed Maternity Shirt

Looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy? Or just a fun maternity shirt to wear for Thanksgiving? Then grab this I’m Stuffed SVG to make your own maternity Thanksgiving shirt.

I'm Stuffed SVG, Pregnancy SVG

13. My First Thanksgiving Cricut Onesie

First Thanksgivings are a big deal and that’s why this Cricut Thanksgiving project is all about first Thanksgivings. This my first Thanksgiving SVG can easily be personalized by adding a name to the top and it’s perfect for taking the cutest pictures of your little one on Thanksgiving.

My First Thanksgiving SVG, Thanksgiving Cricut Ideas

14. Turkey Face SVG

This turkey face design looks super cute on a onesie for your little turkey. But, it’s also great for t-shirts for the adults and older kids. If you’re ready to dress up like a turkey, then make sure to grab this free turkey face SVG to get started with your Cricut Thanksgiving shirt.

Turkey Face SVG, Thanksgiving Turkey SVG

15. Turkey Monogram

Calling all monogram lovers for this fun Thanksgiving Cricut idea! Personalize this Turkey Monogram SVG with a monogram for a super cute and personalized Thanksgiving kids outfit.

Turkey Monogram SVG, Thanksgiving Turkey SVG, Cricut Thanksgiving Projects

16. Fresh Out of the Oven Cricut Thanksgiving Onesie

Have a little one fresh out the oven? Then make sure to grab this Fresh Out of the Oven SVG to make this adorable onesie with your Cricut. This is a perfect gift idea as well if you need to make something for a new parent around Thanksgiving.

Fresh Out of the Oven SVG, First Thanksgiving SVG, Cricut Thanksgiving Projects

17. Gobble Til You Wobble Thanksgiving Shirt Idea

It’s so easy to make cute and adorable stuff for little girls with your Cricut, but the boys need something too. And that’s what is perfect about this Gobble Til You Wobble Cricut shirt idea. Young boys think it’s the best and love wearing it for Thanksgiving.

Gobble til you Wobble SVG, Boy Thanksgiving SVG

I hope you found Thanksgiving Cricut ideas to inspire your crafting this Thanksgiving. And if you are looking for more shirt ideas, make sure to check out all of my fall Cricut shirt ideas because you’re going to find a lot more free SVG files there that you’re going to love.

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