30+ Original Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas


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Halloween is sneaking up on us, but there’s still time to make these spooky Cricut Halloween Shirts! Here is 30+ original Halloween Shirt SVG files that you can use with your Cricut or Silhouette.

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Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas, Halloween Shirt SVG

Cricut Halloween Shirts

Halloween shirts are so fun to make with your Cricut! That’s probably why I have designed over 30 different Halloween SVG files to share with you. There’s just so many different ideas!

Whether you are looking for Cricut Halloween shirt ideas for:

  • Fun Halloween Cricut Shirt Ideas
  • Halloween Shirt Ideas for Kids
  • Spooky Halloween Shirt SVGs
  • Couples Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas
  • Group Halloween Costume SVG Files
  • Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Ideas

You’ll find all of those fun Halloween shirt SVG files here and more! Just grab your favorite SVG file and vinyl and start crafting!

Here are my vinyl recommendation for making Halloween shirts with your Cricut:

Fun Halloween Cricut Shirt Ideas

Jack o Lantern Face SVG, Halloween SVG, Cricut Halloween Shirts

Jack o Lantern Face: This Halloween SVG is a favorite with the teachers! But you don’t need to be a teacher to enjoy this one.

Halloween Shirt SVG, Fab Boo Lous SVG, Free Halloween SVG, Ghost SVG

Fab Boo Lous: This Halloween shirt design is absolutely fab-BOO-lous! Have fun with this design by using this glow in the dark iron on vinyl instead of white!

Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas, Boo Bees SVG

Boo Bees: What do you get when you combine ghosts and bees together on a shirt? You get Boo Bees!! And you can make this awesome Cricut Halloween shirt too!

Dancing Skeleton SVG, Glow in the Dark SVG, Halloween SVG

Dancing Skeleton: This design looks best when you use this glow in the dark vinyl! I was debating on putting this with the kid shirt ideas because kids LOVE the glow in the dark vinyl. But this dancing skeleton SVG is an adult favorite as well.

This is Halloween SVG, Cricut Halloween SVG, Cute Halloween SVG Free

This is Halloween: If you are looking for a popular idea for a Halloween shirt, this is one of my most downloaded designs on my blog!

rolling stones tongue svg, halloween tongue svg, fall shirt SVG, Halloween Shirt SVG

Pumpkin Tongue: Grab this trending design to make your own Cricut Halloween Shirts. Try using this orange glitter vinyl to add sparkle to your shirt!

leopard pumpkin svg, fall pumpkin svg, cheetah pumpkin svg, free svg file

Leopard Pumpkin: This leopard pumpkin is perfect for both fall and Halloween! And is another one of my most downloaded designs. I also use this design for fall throw pillows around the house.

Cricut Halloween Shirt, Ghost SVG, Glow in the dark SVG

I’m Just Here for the Boos: I originally created this design for a throw pillow. But it turns out that people love this design as a shirt with this glow in the dark vinyl!

Halloween Shirt SVG, Glow in the Dark SVG

I’m a Haunt Mess: This is another fan favorite with this glow in the dark vinyl!

Boo Squad SVG, Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas

Boo Squad: Grab your bestie or besties and coordinate this fun shirt for wearing to school on Halloween.

Halloween Shirt Ideas for Kids

Cute Halloween SVG, Kids Halloween SVG, Shake Your Booty SVG

Shake Your Booty: This Halloween design looks super cute paired with a Halloween tutu. Or looks great on cotton leotards or sports bras for Halloween themed dance attire.

Will Trade Brother for Candy SVG, Will Trade Sister for Candy SVG, Kids Halloween SVG

Will Trade Brother/Sister for Candy: This shirt is great for siblings! Although we know all siblings love each other and would never trade the other one for candy, it’s still a fun shirt with perfect sibling humor.

Cute Halloween SVG, Kids Halloween SVG, Halloween Shirt SVG

Wicked Cute: Not only is this my newest Cricut Halloween shirt design, but it’s super fun to layer!!

skeleton svg, Glow in the Dark SVG, Halloween SVG Free

Skeleton: You can use this skeleton design to create Halloween pajamas, costume of shirt! I love it with this glow in the dark vinyl.

My 1st Halloween SVG, Halloween Black Cat SVG

My 1st Halloween: This is a super cute 1st Halloween design. Try creating this with this orange glitter vinyl for some extra sparkle.

jack-o-lantern SVG, Boy Halloween SVG

Jack-o-Lantern: Turn your little one into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween with this jack-o-lantern design.

Little Monster SVG, Boy Halloween SVG

Little Monster: If you are looking for Cricut Halloween shirt ideas for boys, this Little Monster design is perfect! This design looks even cuter on the model.

Ghost Monogram SVG, Glow in the Dark SVG, Ghost SVG

Ghost Monogram: Because I couldn’t create a full post of Cricut Halloween shirt ideas without a single monogram design! I am from the south and monograms are everything here!! You’ll really love this one with this glow in the dark vinyl!

Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas, Pumpkin Monogram SVG, Pumpkin SVG

Pumpkin Monogram: And yes, we have another monogram design. Use this this orange glitter vinyl and pair this with a fluffy orange tutu and you will have the perfect fall/Halloween outfit to sport all season long! This one doesn’t just have to be for Halloween.

Coolest Pumpkin in the Patch SVG, Pumpkin SVG, Boy Halloween SVG

Coolest Pumpkin in the Patch: This is a super fun shirt for little kids to wear but is also great for wearing for those pumpkin patch pictures.

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch SVG, Cute Halloween SVG

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch: If you’re going to be the cutest pumpkin in the patch, then you might as well wear this onesie!

Little Pumpkin SVG, Daddys Little Pumpkin SVG, Baby Pumpkin SVG, Mommys Little Pumpkin SVG

Little Pumpkin: Both the Mommy’s Little Pumpkin and Daddy’s Little Pumpkin designs are available for this super cute Halloween onesie.

Spooky Halloween Shirt SVGs

Halloween Shirt SVG, Spooky SVG, Cricut Halloween SVG

Spooky: I love to pair this spooky design with a cozy sweatshirt and this orange glitter iron on vinyl. It’s super fun and cozy for the month of October.

Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas, Halloween SVG, Scary Halloween SVG

You’ll Float Too: I originally created this design to use as a decoration or decal. However, it has been even more popular with my readers as a shirt! And it’s easy to see why because it’s super spooky and can easily be turned into an inexpensive Halloween costume.

Vampire Lips SVG, Scary Halloween SVG, Vampire SVG, Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas

Vampire Lips: There’s something super captivating about this shirt design. And if you love vampires, then you’ll love this one.

Couples Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas

Couples Halloween Shirt SVG, I'm Her Boo SVG, I'm His Witch SVG

I’m His Witch and I’m Her Boo: You’ll feel extra in love when you wear this matching set of Halloween shirts with your partner.

Peter Peter SVG, Halloween Shirt SVG

Peter, Peter: If you have an adult gathering or Halloween party, then you may like this Peter, Peter couples Halloween shirts instead.

Group Halloween Costume SVG Files

Group Halloween Costume SVG, Arcade SVG, Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas

Arcade Group Halloween Costume: If you are looking for a group Halloween costume, then this arcade idea is super fun! It will remind you of back in the day when everything was pixelated.

Spice Girls SVG, Group Halloween Costume SVG

Spice Girls Halloween Costume: This spice girls design was requested so often that I had to create a group Halloween costume for this. If you want to use less vinyl, use a yellow shirt instead and remove the yellow vinyl layer.

Crayon SVG, Cricut Halloween Shirts

Group Crayon Halloween Costume: Easily put together this crayon group Halloween costume with your Cricut! All you need is black and white vinyl and different colored shirts.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Ideas

Pregnancy SVG, Pregnancy Announcement SVG, Don't Eat the Pumpkin Seeds SVG

Don’t Eat the Pumpkin Seeds: Such a fun way to announce your pregnancy during the Halloween season.

Pregnancy Announcement SVG, Maternity SVG

Expecting a Little Pumpkin: Another fun way to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family.

How to Make a Shirt with Cricut

Making shirts with your Cricut is a simple, but fun project! I recommend using a heat press when making shirts so that your designs look better and last longer. I use this EasyPress for my shirts and I love it!

To make shirts with your Cricut, create a new project in Cricut Design Space, then upload your SVG File and resize as needed. The size of the design will vary depending on the size shirt you are using. Just use a tape measure to measure the width you need for your design and change that in Cricut Design Space.

If you are new to making shirts, check out this iron on vinyl tutorial for step-by-step directions.

Note: Always mirror your design and place the vinyl shiny side down when using iron on vinyl.

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