Pumpkin Candy Holder

Use your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to create your own candy holders! These are perfect for small gifts or candy treats for Halloween. Learn how to make this super cute pumpkin candy holder (and download the free Candy Holder SVG) with this step-by-step tutorial.

Cricut Candy Holder, Pumpkin Candy Holder SVG

There are 2 versions of this pumpkin candy holder available. There is the version with the perforated back which is perfect for wrapped candy. And then a version with the closing mechanism. This closing mechanism is a simpler version than others you may have seen. It’s super simple to put together and stays intact a lot better.

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Pumpkin Candy Holder SVG, Cricut Candy Holders, Free SVG File

How to Make Candy Holders with Your Cricut:

To make these pumpkin candy holders, you will need:

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial on how to make these pumpkin candy holders:

YouTube video

Upload the pumpkin candy holder SVG files to Cricut Design Space. If you are using 3.15″ ornaments, then you do not need to resize the files. Only resize them if you are using a different size ornament. If you want to change any of the colors, go ahead and do this as well. And then cut all of your design elements.

Note: If you are making multiple candy holders, cut them all together so that you can use the least amount of paper. Several candy holders can be cut on the same piece of paper.

How to Assemble the Pumpkin Candy Holders

These pumpkins are really easy to assemble and only take a few minutes.

  • Start by gluing the bottom 2 pumpkin layers together.
  • Then glue the clear ornament to your pumpkin layers where the cut out for the ornament is. I prefer to use hot glue for this step, but you have to work quick. If you are making the design with the perforation, then make sure to add the candy to your ornament before gluing it down.
  • Glue the top pumpkin layer on top. It’s a tight fit over the ornament so just push it down and it will fit. And then glue the pumpkin stem to your pumpkin.
Cricut Candy Holders, Free Candy Holder SVG, Pumpkin SVG

How to Assemble the Closing Mechanism

If you are making the version with the closing mechanism, then you will need to assemble this which is super easy to do. I recommend watching the video on how to assemble this candy holder if you are unsure how to do this as it is a little difficult to write out.

  • First, take the piece with the arrow and place it in-between the 2 round pieces.
  • Glue down the tabs, using just a little glue. You don’t want the glue to seep into the middle piece with the tab/arrow. This middle part should move freely.
  • Glue the closing mechanism to the back up your pumpkin. Line it up so that it opens and closes where the cut out is.
  • Add your candy!
Candy Holder with Closing Mechanism, Free Candy Holder SVG

These candy holders are pretty easy to put together and they are a lot of fun to give! These are perfect for giving Halloween treats to friends and also teachers and classmates!

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Pumpkin Candy Holder SVG, Free SVG Files

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