Easter Crayon Card Templates

With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to create Easter goodies with your Cricut. And these Easter crayon cards are perfect for handing out in pre-school, Sunday School or putting in Easter baskets. These are super easy to make. You’ll just need a Cricut pen, paper and the free Easter crayon card templates.

Free Easter Crayon Card SVG files, He is Risen SVG

Follow along with the tutorial below and make sure to post these in my crafting group here or tag me if you post them on social media. I absolutely love seeing your crafts and can’t wait to see how your Easter crayon cards turn out.

I also have an Easter Basket template if you are looking for something to put these cards in. Or you may want to try these popular Easter candy holders.

Download the Easter Crayon Card Templates

You can download these free Easter basket SVG files from my members only free library (design #3 under Easter Files or search “Easter Crayon Card Templates”).

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If you want more, find all of my Easter SVG files here.

Supplies Needed

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Free Easter Crayon Card Templates

Easter Crayon Card Instructions

Upload the Easter Crayon Card SVG Files to Cricut Design Space. For help with uploading SVG files, check out my tutorial here.

Click on “Ungroup” to ungroup all of your layers. Working with just one crayon card at a time, select the design layer and the to/from layer together and change the operation to “Pen”.

Cricut Crayon Cards

Then select the card layer with the 2 pen layer and select “Attach” to attach the pen layers to the card. Repeat these steps for the other 3 cards.

To cut 2 cards on one sheet of paper, rotate the cards 90 degrees and attach 2 of the cards together. This will tell your Cricut to cut them together if it doesn’t automatically cut 2 cards on the same sheet of paper.

Let your Cricut write and cut out your cards. And then just add your crayons and your cards are ready to go.

Easter Crayon Card Templates, Crayon Card SVG, He is Risen SVG, Happy Easter SVG, Free SVG Files

When you’re done, make sure to post these in my crafting group here or tag me if you post them on social media. I would love to see how yours come out!

Video Tutorial For Easter Crayon Cards

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make these Easter crayon cards here:

YouTube video