Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

I love using my Cricut to make fun wine glasses for myself and friends. And if you’re looking for Cricut wine glass ideas, then you’re in luck! I’ve compiled all of my wine glass SVG files into this post to make them easy for you to find.

Here you will find all sorts of wine glass sayings, funny wine glass SVG files and holiday designs! And if you are using regular sized wine glasses, then you’ll be able to use a Cricut Joy to create these.

Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

Making Wine Glasses with Cricut

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make your own wine glasses with a Cricut. And they are super quick to put together so they are perfect for gifts or to make for different occasions. To make wine glasses with your Cricut, you will need:

To make a wine glass, create a new project in Cricut Design Space and upload your SVG File. Measure the space on your wine glass that you want your design to cover and then resize your design accordingly.

Prepare your mat by placing your material with the shiny (or finished) side up and then cut your design. Weed all the extra pieces from your vinyl and then transfer the design to your transfer tape. Use your scraper to help with transferring the design over.

Making Wine Glasses with Cricut

Then apply the design to your wine glass. Use your scraper again to help adhere it to the glass. Then, carefully remove the transfer tape from your glass.

Making Wine Glasses with Cricut

If you are new to using adhesive vinyl, then make sure to check out this detailed tutorial on using Cricut adhesive vinyl and layering adhesive vinyl.

Where to Buy Wine Glasses or Wine Tumblers

You can purchase blank wine glasses in all different sizes and styles. I typically prefer either stemless wine glasses or wine tumblers, but you can add designs to whatever style you like. Here are my favorite glasses for making wine glasses with my Cricut:

Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

Search over 20 different wine glass SVG files from my site for Cricut wine glass ideas. Just click on the link and it will take you to the page to download the free wine glass SVG. You can learn all about the licensing for these files here.

Wine Glass Sayings SVG

Good Friends Wine Together SVG, Wine SVG

We all have that best friend who we love to wine with! Next time you pop open a bottle of wine, make sure that you have these wine glasses. You can grab this Good Friends Wine Together SVG here.

Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

If you are looking for Cricut wine glass ideas, then you’ll find three different fun wine glass sayings here. These are also fun to put on reusable drink pouches.

Girls Trip in Progress SVG, Funny Wine SVG, Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

When on a girl’s trip, matching drink cups are a must! So, make sure to grab this Warning Girls Trip in Progress SVG so you can create fun wine tumblers for your next girl’s trip. This design looks great on shirts too.

Let's Get Toasted SVG, Wine Sayings SVG

If you’re looking for Cricut wine glass ideas for sitting around the campfire, then you’ll love this Let’s Get Toasted SVG.

Camping Without Wine Is Just Sitting in the Woods Tumbler

And this Camping without Wine is another great design for sitting around the campfire. Just grab this Camping without Wine SVG and put it on your favorite type of wine glass.

Funny Wine Glass Sayings SVG Free

Warning the Girls are Drinking SVG, Wine Glass SVG, Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

When you’re drinking with the girls, this is the perfect wine glass to cheers with! Grab this The Girls are Drinking Again Wine SVG to make yourself this wine glass.

It's not drinking alone if it's social distancing SVG, Wine Glass SVG Free

If you have to social distance, then you might as well do it with wine. Grab this It’s Not Drinking Alone If You’re Social Distancing SVG file to make yourself your own social distancing wine glass.

Drinks Well with Others SVG, funny wine glass sayings svg free

This Drinks Well with Others SVG is great for pretty much any type of cup! Although it goes great on wine glasses, you can pair this with tumblers, beer mugs and more!

When in Doubt Add More Wine SVG, funny wine glass sayings svg free

I mean, this should be completely obviously. But if it’s not, add more wine! If you want to make this wine tumbler or wine glass, then grab this When in Doubt Add More Wine SVG here.

I'm Done Adulting Can We Be Mermaids SVG, Free Wine SVG

If you love sipping wine or any other types of drinks on the beach, then you’ll love this next wine glass SVG. You can make a fun tumbler or wine glass for the beach with this I’m Done Adulting Can We be Mermaids SVG.

Cricut Wine Glass Ideas for Gifts

40 and Fabulous SVG, Wine SVG Free

This 40 and Fabulous SVG is perfect for making shirts or a birthday present wine tumbler. This 40 and Fabulous wine tumbler is a fun keepsake for anyone celebrating their 40th birthday.

Beaches Booze and Besties SVG, cricut wine glass sayings svg free

When you’re at the beach with your bestie, there is only one wine tumbler that you need and that is this beaches booze and besties tumbler. You can grab this beaches booze and besties SVG here.

Educated AF SVG, Wine Glass Saying SVG

Know someone who just graduated college? And has a sense of humor? Then make them this Educated AF wine glass or tumbler to celebrate. This makes a great graduation gift and is perfect for stuffing small gifts of money inside of.

The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle SVG, Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

This The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle SVG is another great design for making graduation gifts. Wine glasses are a great gift to celebrate your college graduate and you can hide all sorts of goodies inside of it.

Cricut Wine Glass Ideas for Holidays

Red Wine and Blue SVG, Wine Glass SVG, Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

Celebrate the 4th of July in style with this festive wine tumbler. This Red Wine and Blue SVG is also great to use on reusable drink pouches.

Drink Up Witches SVG, Cricut Wine Glass Ideas

Make Halloween more festive and fun with this Drink Up Witches tumbler. This is perfect for Halloween parties and gatherings.

Wine is My Valentine SVG, Cricut Wine Glass

If wine is your Valentine, then there’s no judging here. Just make sure to give your wine glass a festive design like this Wine is My Valentine SVG. This makes a great gift idea as well and even better if you fill it with chocolate!

Christmas Wine Glass SVG

Let's Get Lit SVG, Christmas Wine Glass SVG

Cheers to getting lit this Christmas! Grab this Let’s Get Lit SVG to make these fun and festive wine glasses with your Cricut.

Getting Blitzened SVG, Christmas Wine Glass SVG

If “Blitzened” is your favorite one of Santa’s Reindeer, then make sure to make this festive wine glass. You’ll love drinking your favorite wine in this Getting Blitzened wine glass.

Christmas Wine Glass SVG, Naughty Nice I Can Explain SVG

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Or do you have some explaining to do? Either way, it sounds like this is the perfect festive glass for you. So, make sure to grab this Naughty Nice I can Explain SVG so you can make this Christmas wine tumbler with your Cricut.

Making Spirits Bright SVG, Christmas Wine Glass SVG Free

This is a fun Cricut wine glass idea for making wine glasses for Christmas. You’ll also love this Making Spirits Bright SVG on shirts.