Father’s Day Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for ideas to make Father’s Day even more special for Dad, then make dad these Father’s Day cake Toppers. There are 3 different fun designs to choose from so you can find the perfect Father’s Day cake topper for you dad.

Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make each of these Father’s Day cake toppers. For more Father’s day Cricut crafts, search all of my Father’s Day Cricut Ideas.

Father's Day Cake Toppers, fathers day svg

Father’s Day Cake Toppers

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to assemble each of these Father’s Day cake toppers. I’ll show you a few ways that you can modify them as well if you want a different look.

happy father's day cake topper, free father's day svg

Supplies Needed:

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father's day cake toppers, free father's day SVG, father's day cricut ideas

Father’s Day Cake Toppers Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make all 3 of these Father’s Day cake toppers here with additional tips and suggestions:

YouTube video

Happy Father’s Day Cake Topper

Create a new project in Cricut Design Space, upload the Happy Father’s Day Cake Topper and then add it to your canvas. If you would like to resize your cake topper, select all of your layers together and resize. When resizing, make sure that your proportions are locked, and that the width does not exceed 11.5″ if you are using 12″x12″ cardstock. And then cut out all of your pieces.

How to resize cake topper in Cricut Design Space

To assemble your cake topper, all you need to do is glue the top design to the bottom design. And then glue your stick to the back of your cake topper. I recommend using hot glue for gluing the stick on if you have it on hand. Otherwise, craft glue works also.

happy father's day cake topper, father's day svg

Fun Tip: You can use iron on vinyl instead of cardstock for the top layer! Watch the video tutorial here to see how to apply this.

Cheers Dad Cake Topper

To assemble this cheers dad cake topper, start by gluing the 4 rectangle shapes to the front of your beer mug. Make sure the handle to the beer mug is facing to the right when you do this. Then glue the beer mug to your base piece. Again, make sure the handle for the beer mug is facing to the right. Use your brayer tool (if you have one) to smooth everything down.

glue beer mug to cake topper

Using either glue or foam dots (for a 3D effect), attach the larger beer foam to your cake topper. Make sure to line it up before adding the glue or foam dots so you know which side goes down.

Then add the smaller beer foam on top. If you are using glue, you can leave the 2nd beer foam off. But if you are using the foam dots, then the smaller beer foam gives this cake topper more dimension. I am using foam dots for both of the beer foam pieces.

use foam dots to attach the beer foam

You can either use glue, foam dots or a combination of bothto assemble your letters. In this tutorial, I am gluing the top layer of the letters (dark brown) to the middle layer (light brown). Then I am using foam dots to attach the middle layer (light brown) to the back layer (white). And am also using foam dots to attach the words to the cake topper base.

DIY Father's Day Cake Topper, Cricut Father's Day Ideas

All that’s left is to glue the stick to the back of your cake topper! This cheers dad cake topper is a lot of fun when you use the foam dots.

Design Idea: You can cut an additional back layer out in white and attach it to the back to use this design as a card. Just write your message on the back instead of adding the stick.

father's day beer mug svg, father's day cake topper, dad svg

Super Dad Cake Topper

Start by lining the back piece with your foam tape. You want to make sure that your foam tape is thinner than the blue outline. If it’s not, then trim your foam tape first. You want that blue outline to completely cover the foam tape when you add it on.

After you line the back piece, fill the middle with glitter and sequins. Use less if you want to see more of the red color and more if you like a lot of sparkle!

Remove the backing from your adhesive foam and place the clear plastic piece on top. Then glue the blue outline on top. This should hide the foam tape.

Design Tip: If you want to make this cake topper without the shaker part, then glue the blue outline directly to the red cardstock and don’t cut out the clear plastic layer.

father's day cake toppers

Glue your letters to the offset layer. Then attach the bubble to your cake topper. I am using foam dots to attach this for a 3d effect, but you can also glue it down.

Then attach the offset layer to your bubble. You can glue it down, or use adhesive foam dots like I am using here.

free father's day svg, cake topper svg

Glue the stick to the back of your cake topper and it’s ready to go!

Design Tip: This super dad design, looks great as a cupcake topper as well! Just resize the design smaller and use a toothpick instead of stick.

father's day cake topper, free father's day svg

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