Toolbox Gift Card Holder

Let’s talk about gift cards! We all love to get them, but it can feel impersonal to give them. When it comes to Father’s Day, we get the urge to want to make dad something, especially with our Cricut! And that’s why I am in love with creating gift card holders with my Cricut! You get the best of both worlds.

This toolbox gift card holder is simple to put together and dad will love both the gift card and the thought that went into putting this together. Because you can personalize the gift card holder yourself, it’s great to use for birthday and Christmas gifts as well.

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Materials Used for this Toolbox Gift Card Holder:

To make this toolbox gift card holder, you will need:

toolbox gift card holder svg

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Toolbox Gift Card Holder Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial on how to make this toolbox gift card holder here:

YouTube video

Upload Toolbox SVG File & Add Score Line

First, upload the Toolbox SVG file to Cricut Design Space. Before adding your score line (or making any edits), you will need to Ungroup your Layers. With all your layers selected, click on “ungroup”.

If you do not have a scoring tool, you can skip the next step with adding your score line. I highly recommend using a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel (maker only) as this will make sure your fold is perfectly center.

ungroup toolbox layers in cricut design space

Select your score line from the Shapes Menu. Then rotate your score line so it is horizontal. If the line isn’t set to score, you can change this in the operations menu in your top toolbar.

Select Your Score Line

Place your score line on top of the toolbox. Select both your score line and toolbox together by holding down shift. Then, select Center Vertically from the Align Menu.

Center Score Line Vertically

While you have both the score line and toolbox layers selected, click on Attach to attach your score line to your toolbox.

Attach Score Line to Toolbox

Customize Your Toolbox with Cricut Writing Pens

You can use your Cricut to write on the front of the toolbox for you! To do this, start with creating your text. From the font menu, choose the font that you want to use.

create your text and select your font

When using the writing feature with your Cricut, your Cricut will write around your text in the same way that it would cut it. So, your words will be outlined unless you use a font specific for Cricut pens. These fonts are only available for free if you have a Cricut Access Subscription. To find fonts that are specific for using the Cricut pens, go to your Filter Menu and select the Writing option.

You don’t have to use one of the writing pens. I won’t be using one in my tutorial. But you will get the outline. If you use a thinner font and a thicker pen, you will hardly notice the outline. That’s why I like using these Cricut Gel Pens, because they are thicker.

Cricut Access fonts

Once you select your font, resize your text and place it where you want it to go. Next, make sure to change your Operation from Cut to Pen. Repeat this for all of your text layers.

Change Operation type to Pen

Then, click on the color fill to select your pen type and color.

If you are using multiple color pens, this step is important.

This is what tells your Cricut when to have you swap your pens and which pen to use in each design.

select your pen type

The last step is to attach your text to your toolbox, just as we did with the score line. This will let your Cricut know exactly where it needs to write on your paper. Just select your text layers and toolbox together by holding down shift as you select them. And then select attach.

Attach your font to the toolbox

You can follow these same steps to add a hidden message underneath the gift card as well if you would like.

Cut & Assemble Your Toolbox Gift Card Holder

When you are ready to cut your gift card holder, select Make It. If you are using writing pens and/or your scoring tool, make sure that you see these placed exactly where they should be. If they are not, then you need to go back and make sure that you have them attached properly.

cut your toolbox gift card holder

Follow the prompts to cut out each of your pieces. Once they are cut out, assemble your gift card holder by:

  • Fold your toolbox in half on the score line.
  • Glue the black cut out to the back piece of the toolbox on the inside.
  • Glue around the edges of the other toolbox half and attach it together. Make sure to leave the middle unglued and an opening to slide your gift card in.
assemble toolbox gift card holder

Once your toolbox is assembled, slide your gift card into the slots and add your tools! Your gift card holder is ready to go.

If you are still looking for Father’s Day gifts that you can make with your Cricut, search through all of my Cricut Father’s Day crafts here.

toolbox svg, toolbox gift card holder cricut

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cricut toolbox gift card holder

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