Cricut Graduation Card {Customize Any Year}

Are you looking for graduation card ideas to make with your Cricut? Then you will love this graduation pop-up card! It can easily be customized for any graduating year as well. Just follow along with this step-by-step tutorial as I walk you through the steps to make this Cricut Graduation Card (and how to edit the year).

Cricut Graduation Card

This Cricut Graduation card tutorial progresses as it goes. So, I recommend reading this post from top to bottom.

Materials to Make a Pop-Up Graduation Card


Cardstock is the main material that you will need to make this Cricut Graduation card. I recommend using a medium weight cardstock because anything heavier will make this card difficult to assemble. Here are some cardstocks that I recommend for this pop-up card:

  • Neenah Assorted Starter Pack – This is a great starter pack! It’s a medium weight which I recommend for this project and will give you all the colors needed to customize this with your school colors.
  • Neenah Premium White Cardstock – This is the cardstock that I use in this tutorial. It’s a great shade of white and is easy to fold and assemble for this graduation card.

Cutting Machine

This Cricut graduation card can be made using a Cricut Explore, Maker, Silhouette or other cutting machines that use SVG file types.

Scoring Stylus

If you are using the Cricut Explore or Maker, I highly recommend that you use a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel (Maker only). This will ensure that you have perfect fold lines so that your pop-up graduation card comes together perfectly. This Scoring Stylus is very inexpensive but will make such a huge difference when making cards, boxes and other paper crafts with your Cricut.

If your cutting machine does not have the scoring option, you can fold the cards by hand or with a scoring board and stylus after you cut it.

Graduation Card SVG

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Cricut Graduation Card Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial on how to make these pop-up Cricut Graduation cards:

YouTube video

Upload Graduation Card SVG File & Modify Score Lines

First, upload the Cricut Graduation card SVG file to Cricut Design Space. Before adding your score line (or making any edits), you will need to Ungroup your Layers. With all your layers selected, click on “ungroup”.

You will also need to click on each individual card piece and ungroup those layers. So, just click on the black card piece and click “ungroup”. Then, click on the white card piece and click “ungroup.”

Ungroup all layers in Cricut Design Space

Next, you will need to change your cut lines to score lines. Select the top layer of cut lines that are grouped together (it should have 6 cut layers). In the operations menu, change the lines from cut to score.

Change your cut lines to score lines in Cricut Design Space

While holding down shift, select your grouped layer with the score lines and your white card piece together. Then select “Attach” to attach your score lines to your card.

Attach score lines to your graduation card

Next, you will need to change your other line (on top of the black card) to score as well. Select your cut line and in the operations menu, select score.

Change your cut line to a score line

Attach your score line to the black card piece. To do this, hold down shift and select your card layer and your score line. Then, select “Attach.”

Attach your score line to your card

If you want to adjust any of your colors, you can do this by selecting the layer you want to change and then open the Color Fill menu.

Adjust your colors before cutting

How to Edit the Graduation Year

If you don’t need to change the year, you can skip this step and jump to cutting your graduation card. Otherwise, to change the year, continue to follow along. If you have already attached your score lines to your card, you need to unattached those before we get started.

  • From the shapes menu, select the square.
  • Click on the lock to unlock the proportions.
  • Create a rectangle perfectly around the “2”. You will want to zoom in so you can line this up perfectly (see the image below).

Select your rectangle and the card layer together by holding down shift as you select them. Then, select “Slice”.

Remove the slice results that you don’t need. Just select on the layer and select delete. You can see the layers that you need to delete in the image below.

Next, use the text icon to add your new number. Select the font menu to change your font. I am using the Freshman font which you can download for free here.

Add your year

After changing your font, click on the lock to unlock your proportions. Add your new number where the 2 used to be. Resize it until it fits in the empty space. Make sure to slightly overlap the top and bottom of the number to the card.

Select both your number and the card layer together by holding down shift and select “weld.”

Don’t forget to reattach your score lines to the card before cutting your graduation card.

Weld the year to your graduation card

Cut Your Graduation Card

Once you have your card ready to go, select Make It. Then select the standard mat for cutting and click continue.

Select your standard cutting mat

If you are using a different size paper than 12×12, change your paper size. In the mat preview, you want to make sure that your score lines are on top of your card. If they are not there, then go back and make sure you attach the score lines to your card.

Insert your scoring stylus (or wheel) and continue to cut each design, following the prompts on your Cricut.

Cut and score the graduation card with your Cricut

Assemble Your Pop-Up Card

Once your pieces are cut, remove them from the mat. It’s helpful to roll the mat off of your cardstock. This will keep any pieces from tearing or folding.

Note: If you have new mats, you may want to use your light grip blue mat with cardstock. My standard mats have lost a lot of their stickiness, so I’ve passed them down to use for paper projects.

Fold your paper with “Class of 2022” on it on all of the score lines. Using a glue stick, spread glue on the back of the design. Do not glue class of 2022, the graduation hat or the folded area above class of 2022.

Add glue to your graduation card

Glue your design to the inside of the card. The fold above class of 2022 and the fold on the outside of the card should align together. It helps to fold the card in half and let your design flatten while attaching all the areas.

When you close the card, the top part of the graduation hat will begin to fold. Allowing it to fold where it’s natural for it and create a crease for it. It’s ok that the tip is folded because we will cover this in the next step.

Glue pop-up layer to your card

Glue the tassel to your graduation hat. Then glue the graduation hat to your pop-up card and glue the white trim on top.

Cricut Graduation Card, Pop Up Card SVG

Close your card by folding it in half. Glue your Congrats Graduate Design to the front of the card. Glue the colored tassel on top and your card is ready to go!

Cricut Graduation Card Ideas, graduation card svg

I hope your graduate will love their pop-up card made with love by YOU! Stick around and check out some other fun Graduation crafts to make with your Cricut.

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