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If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift (or teacher appreciation gift) that you can make with your Cricut, then this Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet is perfect! Just add in all of mom’s favorite gift cards! She’ll love the personal touch of this homemade gift with the added bonus of her favorite gift cards.

Cricut Mother's Day Bouquet, cricut mothers day ideas

How to Make a Mother’s Day Bouquet

To make this Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet, you will need:

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet:

YouTube video

Step 1 – Upload and Ungroup Your Layers

Upload the flower bouquet SVG to Cricut Design Space. If needed, this tutorial will show you how to upload files to Cricut Design Space. Before editing your design, you will need to Ungroup your Layers. With all your layers selected, click on “ungroup”.

Ungroup flower layers in Cricut Design Space

Step 2 – Cut Out Your Flowers

Once you know how many gift cards you are using, you can then duplicate the tulips and/or daises in Cricut Design Space to match the number of gift cards that you have. Make sure that you have a front and pack piece for each flower. Duplicate as many leaves as you will need as well and then cut all of your pieces using cardstock.

Duplicate Flower Templates and Cut Your Project

Step 3 – Measure and Resize Your Wooden Skewers

Add your flower foam to your pot. You will probably have to cut the foam for this to fit. Then, with your foam in your pot, measure the length that you want your skewers. Break or cut each skewer to the appropriate height.

Step 4 – Attach and Assemble Your Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet

Glue your wooden skewer to the bottom of your flower piece. The height of your stick will determine the height of your gift card. So, if you want the gift cards to stick out more, glue your stick higher.

Attach the front and back flower piece together by gluing along the outside of the flower. Make sure you don’t glue the top of the flower closed. Next, glue a leaf around your stick.

Glue your stick to your flower and attach the back of the flower

Once all of your flowers are attached and dry, assemble them into your flowerpot. If your flower foam wiggles, you can use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of your pot. This will hold it in place, but still can be removed to later use the pot for a plant.

Step 5 – Decorate Your Pot

You can decorate your pot in any way that you would like. If you would like to use the design that I used, you can download the Love Grows Here SVG and other Plant SVG designs from my site here.

Attach your design and add candy to the inside of the pot and then your Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet is done!

Cricut Mother's Day Bouquet

Although this is perfect for Mother’s Day, this makes a great gift for any occasion! It’s perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week, birthdays, Christmas, etc.! You can also do fun themes with your gift cards by doing all restaurants, or all clothing stores, entertainment venues, bookstores, coffee shops, etc. Have fun and personalize this Gift Card Flower Bouquet as you like!

Cricut Mother's Day Bouquet, mother's day cricut ideas

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Cricut Mother's Day Bouquet

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