Easter Lollipop Holders Free SVG Bundle

Learn how to make Easter lollipop holders with this step-by-step tutorial! You’re going to love how cute and easy these candy crafts are to make. And with 5 different designs, you’re sure to find a favorite.

Easy Easter Lollipop Holders

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Easter Lollipop Holders

Download the Easter Lollipop Holder SVG Bundle

You can download these free Easter Lollipop Holders from my members only free library (design #6 under Easter Files or search “Easter Lollipop Holders”).

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Supplies Needed

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Make Easy Easter Lollipop Holders

How to Make Easter Lollipop Holders

Follow along with the tutorial below and make sure to post these in my crafting group here or tag me if you post them on social media. I absolutely love seeing your crafts and can’t wait to see how your Easter lollipop holders turn out!

Step 1: Upload the SVG File to Cricut Design Space

Upload the Easter lollipop holder file to Cricut Design Space. For help with uploading SVG files, check out my tutorial here.

The files are all ready to go so there are no modifications needed. However, if you would like to delete any of the designs or change the color combinations, make sure to first ungroup your layers. Just click on your layer and select “ungroup”. You’ll now be able to modify the file as needed.

Ungroup SVG layers

Step 2: Assemble Lollipop Holders

When assembling the butterfly lollipop holder, I recommend adding the lollipop holder to the butterfly slots before gluing the layers together. This design was created so the lollipop won’t slip, so by adding the lollipop first, it will ensure you glue the layers together as needed for the lollipop to fit.

Butterfly Lollipop Holder SVG

When assembling the rest of the lollipop holders, start by gluing the decorative layers on first. Before gluing, always make sure to line the pieces up. This way you don’t add glue to the wrong side.

Then add the lollipop to the middle through the hole in the bottom and attach the top part together. You can use glue or tape to attach these together. I recommend hot glue because it dries super quick.

Easter Lollipop Holder SVG

The peep looking bunnies are one of the easiest designs to put together since there is only 1 layer to glue on. But don’t let that fool you. They may be easy to make, but are still super cute. And these bunny lollipop holders are fun to make in a variety of colors. So if you have a short time frame for making these, this design is going to be perfect.

Bunny Lollipop Holder SVG

If you guys still need help assembling these lollipop holders, make sure to check out the video tutorial below. And if you love lollipop holders, I also have these super cute free lollipop holders for Valentine’s Day that I think you’ll love.

When you’re done, make sure to post these in my crafting group here or tag me if you post them on social media. I would love to see how yours come out!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial here to learn how to make these adorable Easter Lollipop Holders here:

YouTube video