DIY Handmade Snow Globe Christmas Card Tutorial

The holiday season is a time for spreading joy, and what better way to do that than with a personalized photo card. This handmade snow globe Christmas card is easy to make with this free SVG template. And you will love putting these together just as much as your friends and family will love receiving these.

Snow Globe Christmas Cards

This snow globe Christmas card can easily be made with your Cricut, Silhouette or other compatible cutting machine. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can find the best Cricut machine for your crafting needs here or use the PDF file when you download the snow globe template.

If you like to create a variety of different Christmas cards, you can find more Cricut Christmas card ideas here. So grab your crafting supplies and let’s get started on these amazing DIY Christmas cards.

Snow Globe Christmas Card and Envelope

Materials Needed:

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To make this handmade snow globe Christmas card, you will need:

  • Medium or Heavy Weight White Cardstock (12x12inch or letter size) – I am using this heavy weight white cardstock which is perfect for card making.
  • Additional paper or cardstock for the accents like glitter cardstock, patterned paper, red or green cardstock, etc. This is a great use for scrap pieces if you have any.
  • .007 Clear Plastic Sheets – you can find what I am using here.
  • 2mm white craft foam sheet OR you can use white foam tape instead. I am using the craft foam sheet in this tutorial and you can pick these up by the sheet at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
  • Cricut Maker or Explore Cutting Machine and a light grip cutting mat for the paper and standard grip for the plastic and foam.
  • Deep Point Blade – a fine point blade can be used as well but will not cut the plastic and foam as well, so a deep point blade is recommended.
  • A high quality craft glue – This Bearly Art craft glue is what I am using.
  • Chunky White Glitter and/or Snowflake Sequins – I found both of these items at Hobby Lobby.
  • Some optional items are Cricut pens for writing on your card and foam dots/tape for adding dimension to your card.
  • Snow Globe Card Template

Download the Free Snow Globe Christmas Card SVG Template

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Snow Globe Christmas Card Free Template

Watch the Video Tutorial

Watch the full step-by-step video tutorial here to learn how to make this Snow Globe Christmas Card with your Cricut here:

YouTube video

Cricut Design Space Instructions

Once you upload the snow globe card file to Cricut Design Space, click on ungroup to ungroup your layers. Decide if you want to make the folding version of the card or just the single page. Then delete the layer that you don’t want.

You’ll also want to delete any of the sayings with the offsets that you aren’t using. Or you can delete all of them and add your own.

If you are using the folding snow globe card, then change the operation of the line on top of the card from cut to score and attach the score line to your card. Or you can delete this line if you do not have a scoring tool.

You can also add text on the inside of your card for your Cricut to write on for you. If this is your first time using pens with your Cricut, then make sure to check out this tutorial on how to write with your Cricut to help you out. You’ll also find my favorite free writing fonts there.

Next, upload your photo to Cricut Design Space as a print then cut and add it to your Canvas. Use the black circle as a guide to resize your photo. Then select both your photo and the circle together and select slice. Delete all the pieces from your slice results except for your photo which should now be in the shape of a circle.

If you are using any of the sayings, make sure to change the operation to pen and attach it to the layer it will write on. To do this, first, ungroup the layer with the text and 2 offsets. Then select the text and select pen from the operation drop down menu. Select the text layer and white layer together and select attach.

Cutting Your Christmas Snow globe Card

Once you’ve made all the changes to the snow globe templates in Cricut Design Space, it’s now time to cut your card. Since you are using different materials and tools, make sure to go slow and change out your tools and settings as needed. Here are some helpful tips to help you with this:

  • For the photo, you are using the print then cut feature for this. Follow the prompts to print the photo and then cut this. You can use regular white paper, white cardstock or sticker paper for this.
  • Make sure to follow the prompts to add your scoring tool and Cricut pens if you are using these.
  • For the green layer, you are using craft foam (or delete this layer if you are using foam tape instead). For the best cut results, use a deep point blade with the setting set to craft foam and more for the pressure.
  • The blue circle is your clear craft plastic. For the best cut results, use a deep point blade with the setting on plastic transparency and more for the pressure.

How to Make a Snow Globe Card

1. Glue the photo and foam piece to the front of your snow globe card.

First, glue down the photo or stick it on if you printed this on sticker paper. Then glue the foam piece on top. If you are using foam tape instead of the foam piece, then add the foam tape where the foam piece is. With the foam tape, make sure the pieces are touching around the globe so the glitter doesn’t escape. For the bottom part, you can randomly place pieces of foam tape.

2. Glue the plastic circle to the inside of the decorative snow globe piece.

Grab your decorative snow globe piece (for me, this is the red glitter) and flip it so the back side is facing up. Glue the clear plastic to this side of the snow globe.

3. Glue the decorative pieces to the front.

Flip the snow globe over so the front is facing you. Glue on any decorative pieces that you are using. For “Merry Christmas” I am attaching this to the card using foam dots to give the card a little more dimension.

4. Add your sequins and glitter!

Fill your photo with sequins and glitter. I am using a combination of white chunky glitter and snowflake sequins for this. Place these in the middle of your photo and not around the edges so they don’t get stuck to the glue on the next step.

5. Glue on the top part of your card.

Glue the top snow globe piece to the front of your card. Go light on the glue around the round snow globe part so that glue doesn’t seep in. And then it’s super important to let this fully dry before you shake it. If you shake this with any wet glue around the edges, the glitter will get stuck around the edges.

how to make a snow globe christmas card

6. Make a coordinating envelope to go with your snow globe Christmas card.

This Christmas card is designed to fit perfectly inside of a 5×7 envelope. Or, you can make your own coordinating envelope using one of my free envelope templates here.

snow globe christmas card with envelope

Creating a handmade snow globe Christmas card is not only a fun craft project, but also a meaningful way to spread holiday cheer. With just a little time and creativity, you can send a personalized message to your friends and family. And I absolutely love seeing your versions of these crafts, so make sure to join my crafting group here and share your Christmas cards with us.

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