Vinyl Car Decals – Easily Make Your Own with Cricut!

One of the many things that you can do with your Cricut is to make your own vinyl car decals to put on your car window! Car decals are really quick and easy to make, and its super fun to personalize your car with them. Not to mention, having the ability to create custom decals is a great way to make money with your Circut!

Funny Car Decals SVG, Cricut Car Decals

A lot of people like to put team logos, sport decals, a family, their monogram, or funny quotes on their car. There are so many different designs that you can create. In this post I’ll be sharing some popular funny car decal SVGs for you to download as well as the best vinyl to use so your Cricut car decals last!

To help you with creating your own vinyl decals, I’ve created some car decal SVG files for you to download for free. You’ll be able to download these at the bottom of the post. All designs that you see here will be in the folder together so you can just delete the ones that you don’t want.

Mom Car Decals SVG

The mom car decal SVG files are great for moms with a sense of humor! There are several different sayings to choose from, but all will look great on the back of your ride and will bring a laugh to those following behind you.

mom car decals svg, rollin with my homies svg, cricut car decals

Get Off My Tail Vinyl Decal

Speaking of those following behind you, this Get off My Tail car decal SVG should keep them from getting too close. And because it’s paired with a mermaid tail, it makes this one of my favorites!

funny car decals svg, get off my tail svg,

Peeking Animal Car Decals

I think that these peeking animal car decals are so fun! I have a cat, sloth, panda and baby alien in this free car decal SVG bundle.

car decal svg, peeking cat decal, cricut car decals

Paws on Board Vinyl Decal

And we can’t forget the fur babies! If you have fur babies, then make sure to grab this paws on board decal.

Paws on Board Car Decal, car decal svg free

What Type of Vinyl Should I Use for Car Decals?

The material that you use for your car decals, depends on what use you want them for. Here are some of the options that you have:

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl – This is the type that you want to use for standard window decals that you plan to keep for a while. My personal favorite is this Oracle 651 Permanent Matte Vinyl. I still have the dance logo decal on my car that I made years ago for my daughter. So, this vinyl is going to last. If you have tinted windows, you will want to go with white or a lighter color.

Removable Adhesive Vinyl – If you are creating a decal that you only want to last for a holiday season or a sports season, then this type of vinyl will be the better choice. It won’t last as long so you can easily remove it when you are done.

Window Cling – This is a material that you can stick onto the window, but it’s not going to adhere. It’s super easy to remove, but also comes off easily. So, if you use window clings, I recommend that you mirror your design so that you can place the window cling on the inside of the vehicle.

Should I Mirror Car Decals?

If you are placing your decals on the outside of the window, then you do not need to mirror your design. However, if you are placing the decal on the inside of the window and want to be able to read it from the outside of the car, then you should mirror your design.

If you have never worked with adhesive vinyl before, then you will want to check on my tutorial on working with and layering adhesive vinyl. You will follow these same steps for cutting and applying vinyl decals to your car.

cricut car decals, funny car decals svg

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Please remember these are for personal use only.  If you’re looking to sell products using these designs, please purchase a Commercial Use License here.