Donut Box

Use your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to create your own Donut Cricut Box! Learn how to make these cute boxes (and download the free cricut box template) with the step-by-step tutorial below.

Donut Cricut Box Template, Box SVG

This Donut Cricut box is perfect for donut lovers. You can send a donut snack in this box or send these donut bath bombs. This is a perfect gift for your teacher, mom or friend.

This Donut Cricut Box easily comes together in just minutes, so you can send these sweet gifts anytime!

Donut Cricut Box Template, Free Box SVG

Just follow the steps below to create these adorable Donut Cricut Boxes.

Supplies Needed for this Donut Cricut Box:

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Upload the Donut box template to Cricut Design Space. If needed, this tutorial will show you how to upload files to Cricut Design Space. Before editing your design, you will need to Ungroup your Layers. With all your layers selected, click on “ungroup”.

Ungroup Layers in Cricut Design Space

Step 2

If using a Cricut Explore, you will need to change the layer with the red lines to “Score” instead of “Cut” in Design Space. You can select all the layers together by holding down shift.

If your cutting machine does not have the scoring option, hide those layers and score the box by hand with your scoring board and stylus after you cut it. The scoring feature is really useful when making paper crafts like boxes. So, if you don’t have a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel (Maker only), I definitely recommend getting one.

Change Cut Lines to Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

Step 3

Attach your score lines to your box layer. Hold down shift and select your bottom box layer with the score lines and select “attach”. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for your top box layers as well.

Attach Your Score and Box layers in Cricut Design Space

Step 4

Flatten your donut sticker. If you want to edit the text or colors, you can do this before flattening the layers. Once you have the sticker ready to go, select all the layers and select flatten.

Flatten Donut layers in Cricut Design Space

Step 5

Flatten your individual donut as well. If you want to change the colors or add an offset, do this before flattening it. I added an offset to my donut by click on the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space. Once you are done editing, select all your donut layers (and the offset layer) and flatten.

Add Offset to your donut in Cricut Design Space

Step 6

You are now ready to cut make your project. Click on “Make It.” You should have a Print Then Cut layer and 2 box layers. You should see your score lines on top of your box as shown in the picture below. If you do not, go back and make sure you have attached your score lines to the box layer.

Make Your Donut Cricut Box

Step 7

Follow the prompts for your computer by first printing your design. I am using this printable adhesive vinyl for this step. This is a great printable vinyl to use for making stickers for water bottles, laptops, etc.

Once your design in printed, place it on your mat and follow the prompts on your Cricut to cut it.

Print then Cut donuts

Step 8

Continue to follow the prompts on your Cricut to cut your box pieces. If you have the scoring tool, remember to add that to your clamp before cutting your box pieces.

Score and Cut Your Donut Cricut Box

Step 9

After the boxes are cut, fold along the score lines. Place your “I’m Donuts for You” sticker to the bottom, inside of the box. Use the tabs to attach the box together. You can use double sided tape or glue for this. I feel like double sided tape is the easier option.

fold donut cricut box

Step 10

Place your donut sticker on the top of the box and you are ready to go! Just add your donut treat or donut bath bomb and gift this to someone special.

Donut Cricut Box Template

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Free Donut Box Template for Cricut

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