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Where To Buy The Best Blanks For Cricut Projects


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Are you looking for shirts, tumblers and other accessories to use with your Cricut Machine? This guide will help you with finding all the best blanks to use for your Cricut projects.


There are several places that you can shop for blanks for your Cricut projects. Here are some of my favorite places to find materials to use:

If you are looking for tutorials to help you create your own personalized graphics, you can browse through our cricut tutorial section or find already created free svg files for you to download and use.

Let’s shop for the best Blanks for your Cricut Projects!

Types of Blanks for Cricut Crafts

There are 2 different types of vinyl that you will use with your Cricut Machine: HTV Vinyl (heat-transfer vinyl) and Adhesive Vinyl. The type of vinyl that you use will depend on the type of material you are using. So, I’ve broken this post into 2 sections to make it easy to know which type of vinyl to use.:

Best Iron on Blanks for Cricut Projects

Your iron on blanks are materials that will be used with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV Vinyl). This is vinyl that becomes adhesive from heat. You can either use a regular iron or EasyPress to attach these. If you have an unusual item like shoes, hats, bows, etc that you are adding designs to, the Easy Press Mini is ideal for this.

Shirts, Hats and Other Apparel


Making custom shirts is probably one of the more popular uses for the Cricut. You can find blanks in multiple styles so shirts can be made for any holiday or season. However, creating personalized aprons, hats and socks can be just as much fun! You can find a great selection of each of these items here:

Totes & Make Up Bags

Totes and make up bags can be a lot of fun to personalize or customize. A monogram can turn a plain tote into a great gift. Learn how to make script monograms or circle monograms to customize your bags!

Find a variety of totes to personalize.


Search make-up bags and cases to customize!


Blanks for Babies & Toddlers


Pillows and Blankets

Customized pillows are great to make! This free grinch svg is great for creating your own Christmas pillows. Monogrammed blankets are great for gift ideas as well!

Search Throw Pillows


Search Blankets



Create customized koozies for your next party gift! Shop tons of blank koozies here!


Blank Canvases

Create your own art using canvases and your vinyl designs! Find a canvas to use for your next cricut project!


Best Adhesive Vinyl Blanks for Cricut Projects

Adhesive vinyl acts more like a sticker. Typically, you will use transfer tape when applying this type of vinyl. You can use a permanent vinyl for projects that you want to last. Permanent vinyl will hold through the dishwasher so it’s perfect for personalizing mugs, cups, tumblers, etc. There is also non-permanent adhesive that is great for wall or car decals or other temporary projects. Find out the best type of vinyl to use for your Cricut project.

Now check out these blanks for your Cricut projects using adhesive vinyl.

Drinkware (Mugs, Wine Glasses, Tumblers & More)


Monogram or personalize mugs, tumblers, wine glasses or plastic cups. These make great gifts and there are so many different designs to choose from.


Labeling jars is a great project for your Cricut. Personalize your homemade goodies by adding a label design and cut from your Cricut machine! Check out the variety of jars to choose from.



Search through a variety of blank ornaments to use with your own custom designs.


Storage Containers

Creating labels for your storage containers is a great way to stay organized! There are so many different storage containers to choose from:

Gift Bags

Can’t find goody bags for your themed party? Or want to customize your gift bags with initials or monograms? This can easily be done by printing out adhesive designs with your Cricut! There are so many styles of gift bags to choose from as well.


Chalkboard Signs

You can use your Cricut to customize chalkboard signs. A popular use for this is creating a back to school chalkboard sign that you can use to document your child’s school journey each year. You can find chalkboards here.


I hope you found this guide of the best cricut blanks to use for your cutting projects to be helpful! Although I covered a lot of different blanks you can use for your projects here, there are still so many other projects to do with your machine, so get creative! You can find just about any blank you are looking for at Amazon, Target, JOANN and Cricut.com.

Don’t forget to check out the extensive Cricut Design Space Tutorial for Beginners if you are just getting started! This is a great resource that will help you with navigating Cricut Design Space so you can create really cool custom designs for your own projects. Don’t have a cricut machine yet? Find the best cricut machine to buy for your needs.



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