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Cricut Design Space Guide, Learn to Use Design Space

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Cricut Design Space Guide

Are you confused by Cricut Design Space? If so, then you are missing out on so many fun projects and designs that you can do with your Cricut! Design Space is where all the magic happens. If you can design it, your Cricut can cut it!

Stop spending time searching for tutorials every time you want to make a project. This Cricut Design Space Guide contains over 65 pages with easy step-by-step instructions for all the popular tasks you can do (for both your desktop/laptop and phone!).

You won’t just find step-by-step instructions, but actionable steps as well. Completing tasks as you go through the guide really helps so you can understand how each tool works.

This step-by-step design space guide covers tasks as simple as uploading images, resizing images and fixing script font for even the newest Cricut users.

But also covers more advanced topics on how to weld shapes together to create your own unique designs. Or how to turn a single layer image into multiple colors to cut.

This is an instant download, so you can start using the book right away. And one other added bonus is that this guide gets updated as Cricut Design Space gets updated. When you purchase this Cricut Design Space Guide, you will also receive all the updates for free!

Master Your Cricut for $30

$12 limited-time sale

✔️ Not sure how to remove a background from an uploaded image?

✔️ Don’t know how to turn a welded single-color image into multiple colors?

✔️ Ready to learn how to make images using shapes?

✔️ Want to learn how to create your own custom monograms?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Cricut Design Space Guide can help you! 

Don’t wait, grab your Cricut Design Space Guide now and start using it immediately!

Does It Work for My Cricut?

The Cricut Design Space Guide is for any Cricut that uses Cricut Design Space! That means if you have one of these Cricut’s, this guide will help you:

✔️ Cricut Joy

✔️ Cricut Explore

✔️ Cricut Explore Air

✔️ Cricut Explore One

✔️ Cricut Explore Air 2

✔️ Cricut Explore Air 3

✔️ Cricut Maker

✔️ Cricut Maker 3