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I love making handmade cards with my Cricut! So today I am sharing 10 templates to make your own Cricut Birthday Cards. These free birthday card SVG files are easy to customize. Just follow along with the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make cards with your Cricut!

Cricut Birthday Cards, birthday card svg

Making your own cards with your Cricut, easily saves money! When did greeting cards get so expensive? Plus, you can create unique, personalized cards last minute without having to run to the store.

I recommend reading this post from top to bottom as the tutorials to make each birthday card progresses.

Material for DIY Birthday Cards

Cardstock – Cardstock is the main material that you will need to make these Cricut birthday cards. I recommend at least a medium weight cardstock. Here are some of my favorite cardstocks to use for cards and other paper crafts:

  • Neenah Assorted Starter Pack – Great starter pack! This will give you the colors needed for just about any cardstock project.
  • White Diamond Glitter Cardstock – My absolute favorite cardstock! I always keep this in stock because it turns a simple cardstock project into something fabulous. You can also print on this.
  • Glitter Assorted Cardstock Paper – Glitter cardstock looks great for accessorizing cards or for using to add color to the cutouts.
  • White Cardstock – Sometimes you just need a good, plain white cardstock. A lot of white cardstocks are yellowish, but this Neenah Premium cardstock is a great shade of white.
  • Assorted Foam Sheets – Using crafting foam is going to give you a fun 3-dimensional effect for your cards. If you really want to impress with your Cricut birthday cards, adding foam accents is the way to go. This variety pack has both regular and glitter foam pieces.

Cutting Machine – The birthday card SVG files are 4.25″ x 5.5″ so you can use them with your Cricut Joy, Explore or Maker machines. But they will also work will a Silhouette and other similar cutting machines.

Birthday Card SVG Files – You will find the form at the bottom of this post to download the card templates. Just enter your name and email and a zipped folder with all 10 card templates will be emailed to you. Make sure to extract the files from the folder before uploading to Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Birthday Card, Card SVG

Scoring Cards with Your Cricut

If you would like to use your Cricut Explore or Maker to score the cards for you (recommended), follow the steps below.

If your cutting machine does not have the scoring option, you can fold the cards by hand or with a scoring board and stylus after you cut it. The scoring feature is really useful when making paper crafts like cards and boxes. So, if you don’t have a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel (Maker only), I definitely recommend getting one.

How to Score with Your Cricut

First, upload your birthday card svg file to Cricut Design Space. Before adding your score line (or making any edits), you will need to Ungroup your Layers. With all your layers selected, click on “ungroup”.

Ungroup all your layers in Cricut Design Space

Select the Shapes Icon and then select your line tool. Drag your line from the top of the card to the bottom. Don’t worry if the line is centered as we will fix this in the next step.

Add a line in Cricut Design Space

Select your line and your card layer together by holding down shift while selecting. Click on the Align tool and select “Center Horizontally.” If the card is flipped as a horizontal card, then choose “Center Vertically” instead.

Use the align tool to center your line horizontally with your card

Next, make sure that your line is set to score. You can change this by clicking on the drop-down menu on the Operations tap and then select “Score”.

Change your line from cut to score

Before you cut your card, you need to attach your score line with your card layer. If you do not do this, the score feature will not work correctly. To do this, select your score line and card layer together by holding down shift and select “Attach.”

Attach your score layer to your card layer

Cricut Birthday Card Ideas

This is just a selection of birthday card designs. Check out my full collection of free Cricut Card templates for more card ideas.

Easy Birthday Card SVG Files

If you are looking for easy birthday cards that you can put together in minutes, these designs are for you. All you need is 2 different colors of cardstock for each card. It’s best for the colors to contrast.

Easy Birthday Card SVGs, Cricut Birthday Cards

To make these easy birthday cards all you need to do is upload your svg file and add your score lines if using your Cricut to score.

Select “Make It’ and continue to follow the prompts on your Cricut to cut your card. If you have the scoring tool, remember to add that to your clamp before cutting your box pieces.

Add Scoring Stylus into Cricut Machine

Once your card pieces are cut, assemble them by inserting the rectangle piece into the slots. If the card doesn’t have the slots, glue the rectangle piece to the card instead. Fold your card and it’s ready to go!

Butterfly Card SVG

Once you cut your butterfly card, make sure to fold the butterfly wings for a 3-dimensional effect.

Cricut Birthday Card Butterfly, Birthday Card SVG

Sunflower Card SVG

The sunflower birthday card has an additional cut out that you can glue to your insert if you would like to make “Happy Birthday” a different color.

Cricut Birthday Card Sunflower, Card SVG

Milestone Birthday Cards

If you are looking for milestone birthday cards, these designs are perfect for customizing for any age.

Milestone Cricut Birthday Card Templates, Card SVG

Cheer to 40 Years

To customize this Cricut birthday card, just delete the number layer and add your own! Before editing the card, don’t forget to ungroup your layers.

Using a bold font, position your numbers where you want them on the card. If you would like to add a boarder, use the offset feature and adjust the distance.

Use the offset tool to add a background for your image

This is a layered card so you will use glue to attach the layers on top of each other. The outline behind the number is a great time to use the Assorted Foam Sheets for an additional 3-dimensional effect.

Cheers to 40 years SVG, Cricut Birthday Cards

40 and Fabulous!

Edit this fabulous card as you would for the Cheers to 40 Years. This is a layered card, so you will attach the age and heart on top of the card. Glitter Cardstock Paper looks great as an accent with this card.


Birthday Queen Card

This birthday queen card is layered the same as the 40 and fabulous design. Gold Glitter Cardstock looks great with this one.

birthday queen card SVG

Daisy Birthday Card

Use your Cricut pens to write on this daisy birthday card! To use your Cricut pens with this file, you will need to change the text to the pen setting.

How to Use Cricut Pens

Frist, ungroup your layers. Then select your text and change the operation from Cut to Pen.

Write on Cards with Cricut Pens

You will then need to attach the text layer to your card layer. Select both layers by holding down shift and then select Attach.

Attach writing layer to card layer

You are now ready to make your card! If you want to use your scoring stylus to score the card, you can do this with the writing pens as well. To do this, follow the steps on how to score with your Cricut. Once your design is ready to go, select “Make It” and follow the prompts.

First, you will insert the scoring stylus into your Cricut and score your card.

Scoring Cards with your Cricut

Once your Cricut is done with scoring your card, you will be prompted to switch the scoring tool with your Cricut pen. This prompt says to use .4 tip pen, but this isn’t necessary. I used these .8 glitter gel Cricut pens for this card and it worked great.

Load your pen into your cricut

With your Cricut pen in the clamp, you can finish making your card pieces.

Add Cricut pen into clamp

Once you are done cutting out all of your pieces, you can assemble your card. I only glued the middle part of the daisies to the card so that I could fold the petals for a 3-dimensional effect. I used stick on rhinestones for the middle which I love!

Daisy Cricut Birthday Card SVG

Before downloading these Birthday Card SVG Files, please share this design on Pinterest – it’s quick to do and makes a HUGE impact to keep SVG Nation’s designs free to you.

Cricut Birthday Card Free SVG Templates

To get these Cricut Birthday Cards, enter your name and email into the form below and then click the “Get It Now!” button!

Please remember these are for personal use only.  If you’re looking to sell products using these designs, please purchase a Commercial Use License here.


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